You Can Change Your Attitude

Are you happy with your life? Are you satisfied with what is going in your life? If things go wrong, do you express angry and impatience? If things go wrong, do you let your anger boil inside you? Can you … Continue Reading

How to Get Rid of Laziness

How to Get Rid of Laziness

Do you, like most people feel lazy sometimes? It could be just a momentary feeling of laziness due to being tired, or it could be a habitual state. You might feel lazy when you need to carry out a certain … Continue Reading

Do Personal Growth Techniques Work?

People often start enthusiastically repeating affirmations, visualizing and using various inner growth techniques. They sometimes get fast, though minor results, and this makes them feel happy and elated, but after a while, nothing seems to work anymore. This causes frustration … Continue Reading

Self Improvement – What Do You Improve?

The term self improvement is a bit misleading and is sometimes erroneously interpreted. What do you actually improve? You don’t improve your “self” and you don’t improve your “spirit”. What you do is develop certain skills to help you cope … Continue Reading

Self-Acceptance – What Is It?

We hear so much about self-acceptance from people that study or teach personal growth methods. Does it mean accepting your weaknesses or negative habits and doing nothing about them? Does it mean accepting your behavior, attitude and life style, and … Continue Reading

Why Positive Thinking Is Not Working

Reasons Why Positive Thinking Is Not Working

People often ask me why positive thinking does not work for them. Here is an email message I have received recently: “I’ve been trying this whole positive thinking thing for about 2 years now with no results. Things actually seen … Continue Reading

How to Stay Positive

Are You a Victim of Negative Thinking?

Do you often feel upset, down, disappointed or frustrated? Do you often find yourself thinking about problems, failure, obstacles or bad health? Do you worry a lot? If you do, it means that you are a victim of negative thinking. … Continue Reading