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Don’t Let the Past Shape Your Future

Don't Let the Past Shape Your Future

Most of the events of our lives are shaped by our thoughts, attitudes, and expectations.

If your life doesn’t change or improve, you are not changing your thoughts, attitude, and expectations. It is like playing the same movie in your mind, over and again, and enacting it in your real life, time and again.

There is no reason to cling to thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, and expectations that belong to the past.

You can change your thoughts and your attitude if you really want. If you change them, you will start seeing life in a different way, and you will act differently. Consequently, you will change the events and situations in your life.

Even if you cannot change every situation, your attitude would be different. Therefore, the impact of circumstances on you would be different, milder, or even non-existent.

If your thoughts have always been negative, and you keep repeating them, how do you expect to improve your life?

Don’t Let the Past Shape Your Future

Your past thoughts created your present, but you don’t need to repeat these thoughts. You can think of other thoughts. You can think of what you want, irrespective of your current situation.

If you start thinking about success instead of thinking about failure and keep this way of thinking, in time, these thoughts will affect your life. What you think in the present would change your future.

Think about success and expect success, and you will be aware of opportunities that you usually do not see now.

Learn to be peaceful inside you, and external situations or circumstances will not trouble you, even if you cannot change them.

Have faith in yourself, and you will be in a better position to handle the affairs of your life.

Think different thoughts from those that you usually think.

Those different, positive thoughts about a better life will sooner or later start affecting your life’s present circumstances and situations of your life and shape a different, better future for you.

Live in the Present Moment

Live in the present moment, not in the past. The past is past. Don’t let it affect your current thoughts and feelings and your future situations.

Make an effort to remind yourself to think positive thoughts and have faith in yourself that you can do so.

This might seem difficult, especially if your thoughts are negative and you always expect the problems of the past to continue into the present.

Live in the present moment, creating new thoughts and new expectations, not only about money, work, or relationships, but also about health, happiness, and spirituality.

These new thoughts, which you think in the present, would mold your future.

Your Thoughts Can Change Your Future

Notice what thought you are thinking at this moment:

  • Are they negative or positive?
  • Are they new thoughts, or thoughts you usually think?
  • Notice whether they are about problems and difficulties or a better future.

Thoughts often awaken certain feelings, and these feelings have a powerful impact on your subconscious mind and on the way you behave and act.

This means that it is not enough to change your thoughts; it is also important to change the feelings associated with them.

How to do that? By repeating affirmations, using visualization, willpower and meditation.

Don’t Allow the Past to Shape Your Present

The past has great power over everyone and is responsible for the present situations in one’s life.

The past has shaped our present, but our current thoughts can shape our future.

You shape your future by being conscious of your present thoughts and feelings and accept only the ones you want. This might not be easy at first, but with perseverance this ability will improve.

By being more aware of your thoughts and the associated feelings, you can start rejecting the thoughts and feelings that have been shaping your life in a negative way.

You start creating a better future by choosing your thoughts and feelings and by thinking and feeling more positively and constructively, even if your past and present are unhappy or unsuccessful.

Don’t let the past shape your future.