The 1 Question that Kills Inaction

Imagine you’re on a solo backpacking expedition in the arctic! You’re hiking uphill in the subzero whipping wind, with a 50-pound pack of survival supplies on your back. The route is inclining steeper and STEEPER, and through the blur of … Continue Reading

How To Free Your Mind of Worry

Learning how to free your mind from worry, and reduce the overall amount of stress in your life is the key to having a happier and more fulfilling life. There is nothing more agonising, when you have problems from work, … Continue Reading


In 1999, my five-year-old nephew sat in the bleachers with my family members and attended my high-school graduation at a local college stadium. Last night, I attended my now 17-year-old nephew’s graduation at the same location. I’m 31 now, and … Continue Reading

Are You an Optimist or Pessimist?

Are you an optimist or a pessimist? Do you know what is the difference between an optimistic person and one that is pessimistic? I have recently heard someone saying that he is a pessimistic person and has no expectations, since … Continue Reading

10 Tips for Starting Your Day

How do you begin your day? Do you feel happy or depressed, energetic or washed out? Do you expect a good day, or do you think about your problems? The way you start your day, affects your moods and behavior, … Continue Reading

How to Avoid Negative Thinking

It is no secret that negative thinking is part of almost everyone’s life. For some reason, it seems it is easier to think negative thoughts, than to think positive thoughts. Sometimes, there are more negative thoughts, and sometimes fewer, depending … Continue Reading