Navigation GPS

Navigating Your Way and Finding Directions

Do you sometimes feel that you are losing your way through life? Do you sometimes lack direction? Knowing your destination and finding your direction is one of the most important steps for accomplishing goals and living the life you want. … Continue Reading

College Student

6 Tips to Stay Calm During College Applications

Applying for college is a stressful phase for both students and their parents. With so much already happening in high school, college applications bring with them the added pressure to make the right decision, gather important documents, work on the … Continue Reading

Making Decisions in Life

7 Ways to Avoid Making Bad Decisions in Life

Why are people prone to making bad decisions? Many would argue that poor choices are a part of life, and while understanding cognitive behaviour is an extensive process, the only way you can prevent the destructive effects of these choices … Continue Reading

Purpose and Passion

Knowing Your Purpose and Passion in Life

Knowing Your Purpose and Passion in Life Have ever thought about your purpose? It is most likely that you have one, even if you don’t know it. What about your passion? Do you have one? Perhaps you have never thought … Continue Reading

Benefits of Curiosity

6 Amazing Benefits of Curiosity

“When you are curious, you find lots of interesting things to do.” – Walt Disney Why do you need curiosity, and what do you gain out of it? Curiosity is the key to knowledge and to improvement. A curious person … Continue Reading

Your Thoughts Shapes Your Life

What You Think Today Is What You Live Tomorrow

What did you think about yesterday? What are you thinking about today? What are the thoughts that you think most often? Ask yourself these questions and find out the answers, because the thoughts you are thinking today, would most probably … Continue Reading

Morning Habits to Live a Healthier life

10 Morning Habits to Live a Healthier life

Being able to live a healthier life is very important more than ever. Our world today has become a nest for various diseases and illnesses that impede us from showing our full potential. Each morning we wake up, it is … Continue Reading

What Is Fear

What Is Fear and What It Does

When my children were young, I often took them to the playing yard. On one of the occasions, I saw two kids, about five years old, swinging on the seesaw. After a while, the bigger boy, who looked stronger and … Continue Reading