A New Book About the Power of Concentration

New Book about Focus

I am happy to announce that I have written a new book, “How to Focus Your Mind.” It will be published soon and available for sale on this website.

The book instructs, advises, and teaches how to strengthen the power of concentration. It contains exercises and a wealth of helpful information and tips.

The book was published some time ago and has become quite popular. Meanwhile, it has been revised, and the title was changed to “Focus Your Mind

About Focus and Concentration

The mind is a great tool, but it requires discipline. It is in a constant state of movement, just like a butterfly that flies from one flower to another, never standing still for more than a brief moment. How can you complete a task or achieve a goal if your mind wanders where it wills and you cannot focus on your actions?

The ability to focus the mind and control the attention is essential for success in every area of life, at work and home, at school and in college, in sports and business, for achieving goals and completing tasks, and for self-improvement and meditation.

In this age of the Internet and social media, when the attention span is dropping, it is most important to strengthen the ability to focus the attention and to concentrate.

This ability will put anyone in a better situation to succeed at work, achieve goals, be more efficient, and improve one’s life.

Here are a few more reasons why it is important to learn to focus the mind:

  • Good concentration enables you to carry out everything faster, more efficiently, and with fewer mistakes.
  • When you can focus your mind consciously and at will, you can ignore distracting thoughts.
  • With a focused mind, you can stop the restlessness of your mind and enjoy inner peace.
  • The ability to concentrate enables you to pay more attention to whatever you happen to be doing and, therefore, do it better.

Did you ever stop to think how much energy and time you spend on meaningless thoughts that occupy your mind?

Do you miss opportunities due to oversight, lose attention, or cannot focus long enough on anything? If so, you certainly need to improve your concentration.

I have written several articles about concentration, which you can read on this website. However, since there is so much interest in this subject, I decided to write a book about it, which I hope and believe will help many people.

About the Book Focus Your Attention

The book is in PDF eBook format, which you can download instantly and read immediately on the screen of your computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Since it is in eBook format, you can carry it with you on your smartphone and read it wherever you want, even when you are offline.

This is not a book that you read like a novel in a few hours or a day or two and then put aside. It is enough to read just a few pages at a time, practice what they teach, and then continue reading.

This is why this book on concentration is most suitable for reading on a smartphone, so you can read it in bed while sitting on a bench at the park, or while traveling on a bus or train.

If you liked my other books, you will like this one too.

More information about the book on concentration.