Can You Focus Your Mind?

Hold a pencil in your hand, look at your watch to measure the time, and try to focus your full attention on the pencil. Look at it from all sides, trying to imprint its image on your mind.

The moment you discover that you lost your focus, look at your watch to measure the time.

How long can you focus on the pencil, before your attention or your eyes wander somewhere else? Can you measure the time in minutes, or just in a few seconds?

If you can measure the time in minutes, you are lucky, but if it is only seconds, you need to do something about your focus.

When you write a letter, read a book, or study for an examination, how many times do you stop, and either, think about unrelated subjects, or get up and do something else?

When learning a new skill, working, or doing anything else, do you focus on what you are doing, or does your mind wander to other matters?

Are you absent minded in situations that require complete focus of mind?

Can you focus your mind on a task until you accomplish it, or do you go from one task to another, never completing any task on time?

Focus – concentration ability – mental focus – is not something one is not born with. It has to be acquired. You are not taught how to focus at school. You are supposed to concentrate on your studies, but you are never taught how to do that.

Did you ever calculate how much time and how much energy you are wasting every day, due to lack of focus? Have you thought how much you could have achieved, if you could use your time more effectively time?

A focused mind is helpful at work, at home, and at school. It is essential for achieving goals and for creative visualization, and is vital for self-improvement, meditation and gaining inner peace.

Can you learn to focus your mind?

Yes,you can teach yourself to focus your attention. I am not talking about some kind of automatic programming of the mind. I am talking about developing a real ability, which you control and master, and use everywhere, at any time, and in all situations.

I have written quite a few articles about this topic, which you can read here, at this website, and have also written a book with all the guidance needed for developing this ability, together with suitable exercises. The book is titled, Focus Your Attention.

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