Concentration and Holding Your Breath

Do you hold your breath when trying to concentrate?

Many do so, as if holding the breath helps to concentrate.

This of course is done unconsciously, but it creates physical and mental strain, which is absolutely unnecessary, not healthy, and disturbs the concentration.

You have to be aware of this tendency of holding your breath, and when it happens, relax your body and start breathing normally. After all, how long can you hold your breath? After a little while you will feel strained and exhausted and will have to breathe in.

One reader asked the following question:

“Whenever I want to concentrate, I have to hold my breath. Otherwise I can’t concentrate properly. The problem is I want concentrate more than a minute. Can you help me?”

As already said, it is not healthy to hold your breath while concentrating, as this creates unnecessary strain and disturbs your concentration. The act of concentrating is a mental act, not a physical act, so there no need to hold the breath, nor tense the body as many do.

You need to sit comfortably, relax your body, and take a few deep breaths before starting to concentrate.

Breathe normally, even if you find it difficult to concentrate in this way.

You might feel unable to focus your mind if you don’t hold your breath. You might find that you instinctively hold your breath. If you keep holding your breath, you will not be able to focus for long.

You need to pay attention to your breath every time you concentrate, and within some time, you will get rid of this unnecessary habit

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