Do You Lack Concentration and Focus?

Lack Concentration and Focus

Do you feel that you lack concentration and would like to strengthen this skill?

Lack of concentration seems to be very common, especially nowadays, with so many distractions, so much information, gadgets, advertising, and products that attract your attention in so many ways.

This happens everywhere: at work, at school, and at home. Walking, eating, exercising, studying, and almost all activities are done with divided attention, and therefore, not so efficiently, and at the risk of making mistakes and errors.

What is concentration?

It is the ability to control the attention, choose on what to focus it, and reject irrelevant thoughts and distractions. It enables you to become the master of your mind and not the opposite.

This is an acquired skill that requires some work on your part. It is like learning to swim, to drive or to dance. You don’t acquire these skills just by thinking about them. You need to practice them over a period of time.

Check out Whether You lack Concentration

Ask Yourself the following questions about focus and concentration:

  • Do you feel that you lack concentration?
  • Is your concentration okay, or do you think it requires improvement?
  • In which area of your life do you need it most?
  • Do you really want to strengthen this ability?
  • Do you easily focus on your work, studies, or anything else that requires attention, or do you find it difficult to control your attention?
  • Is your mind in constant inner chatter?
  • If you are using creative visualization or affirmations, do you feel that you need to improve your ability to focus your mind?
  • Would you accept to practice concentration exercises to improve your concentration skills?

If you are unable to concentrate, your attention span is probably short. There are so many distractions around us that draw our attention and disturb our focus.

One of the top requirements is to increase the attention span. The exercises included in the book “Focus Your Attention”, mentioned below, will help you increase it.

You can fix your lack of concentration, by learning to focus your attention, and you need a certain degree of willpower to do that.

If you are earnest enough, you will probably notice some improvement within a few weeks, and as you go on your ability will continue to grow. With practice, this skill would improve.


Where can you find practical information?
As mentioned above, read and practice the exercises in the book Focus Your Attention.

You can also find various articles about focus, here at this website.