Creative Visualization vs Affirmations – What’s the Difference?

Creative Visualization vs Affirmations

You are probably familiar with the two manifestation techniques, creative visualization and affirmations.

If you have been using them you already know the similarities and differences between them. If you are not familiar with them, this article will hopefully make it clear.

Both creative visualization and affirmations are techniques for making positive changes in your life, for attracting success, and for helping you achieve goals and dreams.

A Few Words about Creative Visualization

Creative visualization uses mental images and mental scenarios. You visualize in your imagination the goal you want to achieve or the change you want to make.

Focusing on these mental images and believing that they are true, or in the process of becoming real, triggers the subconscious mind into action. This will make you aware of opportunities, and spur you to take action to make your dream come true.

Visualization will also trigger the law of attraction into action, to manifest the things you want.

Of course, there are several mental rules to follow in order to make creative visualization work. Just imagining a certain event or something you want to get or accomplish is not going to bring it into your life. Mere daydreaming is not enough.

Everyone daydreams, but to make daydreams come true you need to know and employ certain techniques, including the law of attraction and manifestation.

A Few Words about Affirmations

This techniques uses words and positive statements about what you want to achieve, instead of mental images. People, who find it difficult to visualize clear mental images, might find affirmations easier to use.

To use affirmations, or positive declarations, you repeat the affirmation often, and in this way, you engrave it on your subconscious mind, which in turn, motivates you and pushes you to achieve what you are affirming.

Affirmations also, like creative visualization, trigger the law of attraction into action.

As you see, both techniques have the same goal, making positive changes in your life and setting the law of attraction into action. One uses mental images and the other one words.

Using Both Techniques Together

The truth is that when you use creative visualization you also instinctively use words to assure you of the reality of what you are visualizing, which means the that you are using affirmations.

While affirming you instinctively also visualize your goal.

As you see, creative visualization and affirmations complement one another and have the same goal.

When using one of the techniques, unconsciously, you are using the other one too. For best and faster results, you can use them both consciously.

Let me give you an example.

Suppose you want to have a vacation abroad. You create in your mind a mental scene, in which you see yourself traveling to the country of your choice, and enjoying a nice vacation there.

You create a clear mental image in your mind, in which you see yourself enjoying a wonderful vacation in the country of your choice.

This is the creative visualization part, where you use your imagination.

At the same time, or at different times of the day, if that’s more convenient, repeat a positive affirmation, such as, “I am having a wonderful vacation at…”. Repeat these words attentively and with the conviction that they are true.

The combined action of both creative visualization and affirmations, increases the power that sets the law of attraction in to action.

Of course, you will speed up things if you also take action to bring your goal into reality, instant of just wait passively for it to happen.

Which technique will bring faster results? Well, this is difficult to tell, since this depends on many factors, on the goal you choose to achieve, on the strength of your desire, and how correctly you use the technique.

For some people visualization will be easier to use, and for others, affirmations.

Will the techniques work? Most of the time they will, provided your ambition is strong, you persevere with your actions, and you follow certain simple, but most important mental rules.

What to do next? Try both techniques to see how they work, and then decide which is more suitable for you. Of course, using them both, ensures better and faster results.

How long will it take to see results? There is no definite answer. It can be quite fast, or take some time, days, weeks and even years, if the the goal is a big one. That’s why it is recommended to start with small, simple goals, which are within immediate rich.

Starting with small goals will give you experience and confidence, because they take shorter time to accomplish.

You can find all the mental rules, and full guidance, in my books about these topics – Manifest and Achieve Whatever You Want, and Affirmations – Words with Power.