Do You Use Your Imagination?

ImaginationDo you use your imagination constructively?

Imagination is not only for dreamers. It is a very useful and necessary tool for success.

There are people, who think that the imagination is useless, impractical and a waste of time. The truth is that even if they think so, knowingly or unknowingly, they use it often. Everyone uses his or her imagination every day, even the most practical people.

I am not talking about daydreaming here, which has its uses in certain situations. I am talking about using the imagination in other ways.

  • What do you do when you read a book? Most often, without being aware, you visualize the scene, actions, and people you are reading about.
  • When you have a problem to solve, you visualize various kinds possible scenarios.
  • When you explain to someone how to arrive to a certain place, you visualize the road, where to turn, where to cross a street, and you also visualize the destination.
  • Often , unconsciously, you see in your mind the steps necessary to take, when you have a task or chore to accomplish.
  • You use your imagination when you think about a date or a party, when preparing for an interview, or when you plan your vacation.
  • You also use your imagination when you create or invent something, write, paint or make plans.

These are just few of the instances, where you use your imagination.

There are also negative uses of the imagination, such as when you are worried and visualize all kinds of problems and difficulties. This kind of imagination needs to be discouraged.

Imagination is also most useful for creative visualization, which some people refer to as the law of attraction, and about which you can find many articles at both the blog and website.

As a matter of fact, imagination is one of the most important requirements for success with creative visualization and the law of attraction. There are a few more important requirements, but the clearer the mental image that you can create in your mind, the faster you would accomplish your goal. I have written at length about imagination and visualization in my book Visualize and Achieve.

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