How to Visualize Mental Images

Mental Images

If you visit this website regularly, you must have found that I have written more than a few articles about creative visualization.

What is creative visualization?
It is a mental tool for making your dreams and desires come true. It uses the imagination to affect your subconscious mind, change your habits, shape your life, and attract success.

I am not going to go into the “how” and why” of this subject in this article, since you can find information on this, in the articles about creative visualization.

Creative visualization is a useful tool for achieving your dreams and goals, and it is also a useful tool improving your day-to-day life.

id you try this tool, but didn’t get results? This might be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Lack of focus.
  • The inability to pinpoint the mind on one single thought for more than a few seconds.
  • Difficulty to visualize.
  • Mental laziness.
  • Lack of persistence.
  • Not following the basics of creative visualization.

Some people can see clear mental images in their mind, and there are people who can hardly visualize anything. This situation can be improved.

  • Do you daydream?
  • Do you think about people you know?
  • Do you think about incidents and situations that happened to you in the past?
  • Do make plans for the future?

If you do, and I am sure you do, you can visualize, and you can improve your visualization.

In this article, I am addressing the subject of how to visualize mental images, but you should know that it is also possible train the mind to visualize sounds, tastes, smells, and also physical sensations.

Visualizing mental images, and adding imagined sounds, tastes, etc, make your mental image clear and very realistic. This of course, enhances its effect on your subconscious mind, which in turn, affects your attitude, behavior and actions, and consequently, the measure of the success you achieve.

How to visualize

There are various ways to train your mind to visualize clear mental images. Below, you will find two exercises to enhance this skill. If you are interested to learn more about how to visualize, and how to develop this ability, I recommend that you read the chapter about visualization, in the book Visualize and Achieve.

How to visualize – exercise 1
Take a small object, such as a glass, a spoon or a fruit, and look at it for a few moments.

Now, close your eyes, and try to visualize the object as clearly as you can, without opening your eyes, for as long as you can, even if it is only for a few seconds at first.

When the image gets blurred, or you forget it, open your eyes, look at the object for a few seconds, and then close your eyes and continue to see it in your mind.

Endeavor to arrive at one minute of clear visualization. One minute without forgetfulness and being distracted is quite an achievement.

How to visualize – exercise 2
Take a photograph of natural scenery, but not with too many details.

Put the photograph in front of you, and look at it for a few moments, trying to see and remember all the details.

When ready, close your eyes and visualize the scenery in the photograph.

As in the previous exercise, when the image gets blurred, or you forget it, open your eyes, look at the photograph for a few seconds, and then close your eyes and continue visualizing it.

Try focus on the mental image, for at least one complete minute.

After you get the skill to visualize for one minute, gradually, lengthen the time to five minutes.

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