The Thinking Stuff from which All Things Are Made


In his book, ‘Financial Success through the Power of Creative Thought’, Wallace D. Wattles says:

“There is a thinking stuff from which all things are made, and which, in its original state, permeates, penetrates and fills the interspaces of the Universe. A thought in this substance produces the thing that is imaged by the thought.”

This means that what you produce in your mind, in your imagination, is impressed on this thinking stuff, and this leads to the creation of what you thought about.

The Creative Thinking Stuff

This thinking stuff is one with the power that creates and maintains the Universe. Thoughts are made of this thinking stuff, and therefore, what you think affects this thinking stuff, which in turn, works on making your thoughts come true.

Thoughts are creative, and therefore, by thinking on what you want you can create or attract it into your life. However, not all thoughts are equally creative. Do you get everything you think about? No, you don’t. Many of the thoughts people think never materialize, otherwise the world would have been in a mess.

Most of the thoughts have no effect, because they lack many of the ingredients necessary for making them come true. Most thoughts don’t possess enough strength to cause things to happen. There is not enough ambition, desire and belief, and the thoughts are not repeated often enough to gain the power to cause movement in the thinking stuff that Wallace D. Wattles spoke about.

Energizing Your Thoughts

A weak thought hardly possess any power, while a strong thought, which is repeated often, can create great things. Daydreaming and wishing, usually, remain as daydreams and wishes. To make things happen, you need to energize your thoughts.

Sometimes, people intuitively create a powerhouse within them that energizes their thoughts, making them powerful enough to create changes in their lives and achieve great things. This can happen in all areas of life.

The creative power of thoughts works in all areas of life, not only in matters of money and finance. It works with big goals, and it also works in the daily affairs of life.

Maybe most people want to be rich and wealthy, but their goals are more simple, like finding love, getting a good job or a good house.

The thinking stuff from which all things are made, about which, Wallace D. Wattles speaks, helps to attract not only great wealth or fame, but also the more ordinary and important things of your life.

It is not enough to think about what you want once in a while. You need to think often, with great desire, and have enough faith and the inner strength and to act and follow opportunities, not just think or daydream.

How do you create a powerhouse that energizes your thoughts and makes them creative?

Many have written about this topic and offered advice and guidance. I have also written about this topic in many of my articles, and particularly, in my book, Visualize and Achieve. In this book, which you can find here, I covered this topic extensively, teaching everything you need to turn your dreams and goals into reality with the help of the creative power of thoughts.

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