Do You Use Your Imagination Constructively in Your Everyday Life?

Using Imagination Constructively

Did you know that you can use your imagination constructively in your day-to-day-life? Actually, you are already using it.

When you plan your day, you are actually using your imagination, visualizing yourself how you are going to do each task.

How do you point the way to someone who asks you how to arrive to a certain street? You see the route in your imagination.

When you prepare a meal, you plan it first in your imagination.

It is quite possible that you are not aware that you are using your imagination in this way, but it is something you do every day, many times a day.

Imagination is usually associated with daydreaming, and with being impractical. However, this is completely wrong.

The truth is that it is a most useful tool in all walks of life. It is useful not just for artistic pursuits, but also for the achievement of every goal. It is an essential skill for achieving any kind of success.

You cannot achieve a thing, unless you know what it is you want, and what you are going to do, and this of course, requires imagination.

When to Use Your Imagination?

You can use your imagination constructively in many areas of your life. Here are a few situations where it can be most useful.

1. Imagine Your Actions

You can use your imagination constructively in a conscious way. You can imagine in your mind every act, before you do it.

In this way, you anticipate every twist and problem that might pop up, and use your imagination creatively, to find a solution.

2. Training Yourself for Carrying Out Tasks

You can use your imagination for training yourself to do a certain task by visualizing the steps.

You can make mental rehearsals before delivering a speech or a lecture, for improving social interaction, and for winning in sports.

Visualizing yourself acting in a certain way trains your mind to behave in this way when you encounter this situation in real life.

3. Imagine Yourself Acting in a Certain Way

You can teach yourself to act in a certain way in real life, and you can develop new habits, by acting in your mind, as you would like to act in real life.

In this way you influence your subconscious mind, and teach it to act in a certain way. This would affect your behavior, thinking, actions and reactions.

4. Use Your Imagination to Improve and Gain New Skills

You can also use your imagination for performing better at sports, for learning new skills, and for improving relationships.

All you need to do is to visualize yourself doing what you want in the way you want, and at the same time feel that this is all real. This would make your subconscious mind cooperate with you, and create the habits and skills your are imagining.

5. Self Improvement and Motivation

You can also use this power, and it is a power, for self-improvement, and for enhancing your motivation.

Imagine yourself a better person, calm and happy.

Simple Exercise to Improve Your Imagination

Some people can see clear mental images, and others see only hazy ones. Some use words, instead of mental images, but all these, are various forms of using the imagination.

You can develop this skill. You can teach yourself to visualize clear mental images. Here is a sample exercise:

Take any small object, such as a key, a pen or a fruit. Look at it for about a minute, and then close your eyes, and try to visualize it. Repeat this exercise every day, and in time, your ability to visualize more clearly would improve.

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