How to Make Smart Goal Setting

Setting goalsMany writers write about the importance of setting goals. This raises the question, what if you don’t want anything in particular, and you are fully satisfied with your life as it is?

This is a legitimate question to ask, since most people don’t have big goals. They are would be satisfied if they have enough money for their basic needs and just a little more. They would also be satisfied if they like their job and are satisfied with it.

There are people, who want to accomplish big goals, and there are people who don’t, and that’s okay.

The truth is that our life is always goal oriented, even if we think that we have no goals.

Even if there is nothing you want, and you are satisfied with your life as it is, you are probably pursuing a few goals. These could be very simple goals, which most people would not consider as goals, such as planning to go and see a see a movie, planning a birthday party, improving your grades at school, baking a cake or learning to swim. You plan these goals and make the effort to accomplish them.

There are also bigger goals, such as finding a better job, owning your own house, making a lot of money or building a business. Other, bigger goals could be becoming a successful movie star, owning a chain store or a factory, or becoming a president or a prime minister. These are bigger goals that people might dream about, but rarely do anything to achieve them.

It is always wise to make smart goal setting.

What is smart goal setting? It means thinking and planning before acting, and taking a few smart steps. You need to think whether you really want a certain goal, and if you are willing to devote time and energy to it. It is not wise to start anything and then stop. It is a waste of time and energy, and could be frustrating.

You need to smart and wise when setting goals, even if they are simple and unimportant.

Smart goal setting steps:

Make Priorities
Think whether it is the right thing to do now. Maybe, there is something more important or more pressing to do. It won’t be wise to start one thing, only to quit, because you discover that it is not the right thing to do at the moment.

Think before taking action
Specify what you want to achieve. Go into detail. This will save you time, money and effort.

Specify what action to take
Think about the steps you need to take. It is a good idea to write down these steps. This will force you to be more specific. Clarity is very important.

Is the goal too big, too complicated, or takes too much time to accomplish? In this case, divide your goal into smaller goals, which are easier to accomplish. Tackle each one, before moving on to the next one.

Be realistic, but go one step further
Make your goal a little more interesting and worthwhile. How you do that? Don’t be afraid to think a little bigger and invest more time and effort. This attitude will teach you to think a little bigger, and therefore, accomplish bigger things, even if only on a small scale.

For example, if you intend to buy a pair of trousers, buy one that is made of better stuff. Baking a cake? Strive to make it look better and taste better. Planning of taking your spouse to a movie? Include dinner, before or after the dinner.

This holds true for bigger goals too. Think bigger, and make your goal a little bigger too.

Smart goal setting means choosing goals that you really want to achieve. It also means planning, thinking, and acting wisely and with common sense.

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