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Some Weird Facts about Facebook


It’s quite strange how posts are liked and shared on Facebook. I don’t know if it is just my account acting in this way or other people’s accounts as well.

When I post on Facebook about a new article and add a link to the article on my website, I find that hardly anyone adds a “like”, not to say, share.

When I post a quote, a short sentence, or a tip, I get a few likes, and sometimes some share them.

However, when I post an image with a quote, I get quite a number of shares and “likes”.

What Does This Mean?

It seems people on Facebook like quotes and short sentences more than posts and images, more than plain quotes, advice, and tips.

A post requires you to go to a website and read the post, while a picture does not. All you have to do is to click on “like” or “share”.

This leads me to believe that people use Facebook mostly for entertainment, not for gaining knowledge. They are interested in “fast” pleasure and entertainment, unlike people who search for a certain topic to learn about, go to the website, and read the post.

It’s interesting, but people’s activity on Facebook, is quite different from their activity on my website, where they read more, and, often, go deeper.

It’s quite amazing how huge is the difference between the activity on my website and the activity on my Facebook account.

This leads me to think about the value of Facebook. Do people use it only for entertainment and communication?

I know that in certain cases, Facebook was the means for making changes and for arousing people’s awareness to certain matters. This usually happens through Facebook groups, but I have no intention of starting a Facebook group, at least not now.

I’ll try to post more on Facebook to see if the activity there will change and grow.

What do you think?