Newly Revised Editions of My Books

I am happy to announce that after more than 6 months of extensive work, I have revised all my books, rewritten parts of them, made quite a few changes, and made the instructions and guidance more clear and easier to … Continue Reading


Why I Stopped Emailing My Newsletter

You might have wondered why there is no newsletter sign up form here at this website. You see this form on every website and blog, but it is missing here. If you have been a frequent visitor to my website, … Continue Reading


Some Weird Facts about Facebook

It’s quite strange, how posts are liked and shared on Facebook. I don’t know if it is just my account acting in this way, or other people’s accounts as well. When I post on Facebook about a new article, and … Continue Reading


Major Website Changes

I am happy to announce that finally, after a lot of work, I finished redesigning the website and making a few major changes. Actually, I didn’t want to make all these changes. I was satisfied with the website as it … Continue Reading

We Have Moved

I had no time to write lately, as we were busy moving to a new place. The guys from the moving company came on Monday, loaded everything on their truck and carried everything to our new place. We are now … Continue Reading

Packing the House

The time for moving away is approaching very quickly. As I mentioned in an earlier post, we are moving to another town next week.   Packing everything takes quite a long time. You discover stuff you forgot about, books you … Continue Reading

Moving to Another Town

I am now in the middle of packing everything, because we are moving to another town. It is strange how much stuff one collects and never uses, until one moves away and has to decide what to do with the … Continue Reading

Welcome to the Blog

Hello Everyone and Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to My Renewed Blog! I am happy to announce that I have moved my blog to a new platform, and also to a new address, This platform is more versatile than the one I have been using until now, … Continue Reading