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How to Enjoy Your Day and Make It a Beautiful Day

Enjoy Your Day Everyday

How about making every day a wonderful and enjoyable day, different and better than today?

You can enjoy your day everyday. You can have beautiful, satisfying, and wonderful days just by making a few small changes in your daily life.

Everyone encounters problems, difficulties, and obstacles, which can spoil one’s day.

However, with a changed attitude and a few steps, you will be able to make your days beautiful, enjoyable, and better.

Morning Steps for Enjoying Your Day

So you ask, ‘how can I make my day beautiful?’

Let’s start with the morning.

What can you do to improve your day? What steps do you need to take in the morning to make your day a wonderful day?

  1. When the alarm clock rings in the morning, get up immediately.
  2. It is pleasant to lie in bed under a blanket on a cold day. However, if you want to turn your day into a great day, you need to overcome the morning laziness.
  3. Don’t give in to the desire to stay in bed a few minutes more. Don’t listen to the little voice persuading you to stay in bed a little longer.
  4. Get up with a smile on your face, even if you don’t feel like it.
  5. After getting up and washing, do something you enjoy doing, even if it is only for a few minutes. You can read a book, take a short walk, or practice meditation.

It is not enough just to wake up early. Often, after waking up, we do not get out of bed but stay for some more minutes and then fall asleep again.

You have to persuade yourself to get out of bed immediately after you wake up.

As said earlier, it is pleasant to cuddle under the blankets, but The feeling of pleasure and power you gain by getting immediately is greater than the pleasure of staying in bed.

I am not going to describe here in detail how to handle each and every task and situation during the day.

Every individual has a different life and a different schedule. However, I would like to mention a few examples from daily life. These examples, would help you understand you how to handle other situations.

“When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully.”
– Steve Maraboli

How to Enjoy Your Day, Everyday

Now, let’s talk about a few things you can do during the day.

1. Wake up earlier than usual

When did you last time wake up early, at sunrise or just a little later?

This is a magical hour, when everything is still quiet, when the energies of the new day are still clean and strong.

It is a great time to fill yourself with the energy of the new day, by just standing by the widow and looking outside, stepping out to the balcony or porch, if you have one, or going out for a short walk.

2. Waking up earlier, gives you extra time

Waking up early gives you the time to do a few things you love and enjoy doing. This can set a positive mood for the whole day. Here are a few examples:

  • Read a few pages from a good book.
  • Take a short walk or exercise your body.
  • Meditate for a few minutes.
  • Listen to your favorite music.

3. Enjoy a healthy breakfast

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Why is it called breakfast? Because you break the fast of the night.

A lot of people skip breakfast or just drink a cup of coffee. That’s not enough. The body needs nourishment to start the day. You need to fuel it.

Did you notice that after eating you feel better, are happier, and your mood improves? Eating a healthy breakfast will start your day with more energy, happiness, kindness and a good mood.

Food in the stomach makes prevents people from being grumpy and angry.

4. Focus on what you are doing

Pay attention to your actions throughout the day and focus on them. For example, when you eat, pay attention to your food. Do not read the newspaper or watch the television at the same time.

In this manner, you will enjoy your food much more.

In the same way, focus your attention on your other activities. Focusing on what you are doing helps you do it better, more efficiently, and contributes to a happy and satisfied state of mind.

5. Smile more often

Remember to smile more often, and do so sincerely. This might not be easy , but try to make it real and sincere.

Smiling will have a favorable effect on your day, the people you meet, and your health. Smiling makes you and other people feel happy.

6. Expect the best

Always expect the best to happen and do your best in every situation.

More Tips to Help You Have a Beautiful Day

7. Patience and tolerance

Be patient and tolerant toward other people. This will make them kinder and more considerate toward you.

For example, when you are driving:

  • Be kind and tolerant towards the other drivers.
  • Stop at street crossings to let the pedestrians cross the street.
  • This behavior will make you, the other drivers, and the pedestrians feel good, and cause them to act in the same way toward others, at least for a while.

8. Greet people

A good morning greeting and a smile produce a positive affect on everyone. Greet the people who work with you, even if you have never done so before. Also, greet your neighbors and the salesperson at the store.

9. Focus on the intention to have a great day

Go to work with a strong intention of experiencing a great day. Don’t expect problems, expect a pleasant day. What you keep expecting you ultimately get.

This will help you to broadcast vibrations of peace, good will and happiness around you.

10. Be nice and polite

Do your best to be nice and polite to your family, colleagues, friends, the people who work at the grocery or the supermarket, to the bus and cab driver, to the delivery boy, and to everyone else.

Your attitude toward other people determines, to a great extent, their attitude toward you.

11. Be calm and relaxed

Every morning, when you wake up, make a decision that you are going to handle everything in a calm and relaxed way, and act so.

Endeavor to act unhurriedly, and do your best to stay relaxed. To make this easier, remind yourself often that today is a beautiful and wonderful day.

12. Learn to avoid getting stressed in stressful situations

If you need to meet someone or do something that usually makes you feel nervous or irritated, have a talk with yourself beforehand.

Tell yourself that you are going to stay calm and relaxed, and that you are going to handle everything in the best way.

Repeat these words several times. It also helps if you visualize yourself going through the situation in a very relaxed manner.

To get the skill of staying calm in stressful situations and around stressful people, I recommend reading my book Emotional Detachment for Happier Life.

13. Positive thoughts

Every now and then, invite into your mind positive thoughts and feelings of happiness, satisfaction and joy.

Also, imagine scenes and events from your past experiences, when you felt good and happy.

By focusing on these mental images, you let the associated positive and pleasant feelings well up again.

Enjoy these good feelings, and try to continue enjoying them, even after you stop thinking about them.

14. Make your family feel good

When you are back home from work, what about a flower, a book, or some other small gift to your spouse and children? Even a smile, a hug or a kiss will do.

You have tried all day to be kind to other people and stay positive. Do this at home too, even if you are tired and exhausted.

Another good thing to do is to have some quality time with your family. You have been out the whole day, at work, and now is the time enjoy the company of your family.

Earning money to support your family is not enough. They need to feel your love and attention too.

15. Devote time for yourself

Don’t forget yourself. You are important!

Don’t forget to devote some time for yourself, not only in the morning, but at other times too.

Find the time relax, be alone by yourself, think, make plans, read, or watch a good movie or show.

Have quality time with yourself. This will help improve the quality of your life, relax and have more happiness and inner peace in your life.

The above are only suggestions, to show you how to make your day a better day. You can implement them, adapt them to your specific situation, or come up with other tips and suggestions that suit you.

Live One Beautiful Day and then Another

You can make each day a beautiful day.

Try to live one wonderful day, and another day, and then another one. Gradually, you will be able to make your days beautiful and happy, and fill them with more satisfaction and fun.

If you continue in this way, you will turn this kind of life into a habit.

Each day is a special day, unique and wonderful day.

You can make each day a unique and wonderful day.

Make today a good day, because you can.

“Every day is a good day to be alive, whether the sun’s shining or not.”
– Marty Robbins

“I’ve always measured a good day as one where I can read, write, and run.”
– Maggie Rogers

“Every day is a good day, some are just a little better than others.
Jeff Garthwaite

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