How to Have a Wonderful Day

Have a Wonderful Day

  • How to have a wonderful day?
  • How to have a fantastic day?
  • How do you begin your day, tired, unhappy, stressed or angry, or do you feel energetic, happy, motivated and glad to begin a new day?

If you start the day with negative thoughts and feelings, do you let them continue and grow all day long?

Do you let what people say and do affect your moods and state of mind?

You can have a wonderful day if you want to. All you need is to make the choice to make your day wonderful and fantastic, and not allow anything detract your from following your decision. It might not be easy at first, but keep trying and you will succeed.

Tips to Have a Wonderful Day

Here are a few tips to help you have a wonderful and fantastic day. If you have more ideas, write them down, so you remember them, and start following them too.

  1. Wake up with happy thoughts, and start your day with positive thoughts. To be able to do so, devote a few minutes before going to bed at night, telling yourself how good it is to wake up with happy thoughts and how this can affect your state of mind.
  2. When you wake up in the morning say to yourself silently our aloud: “Good morning to me. Today is a day to be alive, to be energetic and happy. It is going to be an amazing day.”
  3. Don’t expect unpleasant tasks and chores. Believe you can do everything easily and successfully and solve every problem.
  4. Read a few inspiring quotes before you go to work. This can affect your mood and how you feel.
  5. Expect a lovely day, a beautiful day, a day filled with pleasant surprises.
  6. Try to be as patient and considerate as you can while driving your car, or while traveling by bus, train or taxi.
  7. Once in a few days, try to travel to work in a different route.
  8. Put a smile on your face. This affects how you feel and how people around you feel. People will treat you better, if you smile and do not keep a sour or angry face.
  9. Listen to your favorite music when you can. Music has a strong effect on the feelings. Try listening to your favorite music on the way to work, or just before you enter or working place.
  10. Be more considerate and kind toward the people working with you, your boss, or your customers. This will cause them to treat you kindly too and make your day even more wonderful and fantastic.
  11. Find some time during the day for yourself, to do things you love to do. Even just 20 minutes are okay.
  12. Is there something you wanted to do for a long time, but always postponed it? Do it today.
  13. Always expect good, wonderful and fantastic things to happen to you. The more you expect them to happen, the more chances you have that they will happen.
  14. Bring a present to your wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend.
  15. Meet friends, whose company you enjoy.
  16. Read a few pages from an inspiring book.
  17. Before going to bed at night, think about what you have done today, which of the tips you followed, and how you can improve on them tomorrow.

Songs and music, smiles and a positive attitude, often, have an uplifting and inspiring affect on the mood and stats of mind. They affect both the conscious and the subconscious mind, and work like positive affirmations.


All you need is a change of attitude to make space for new and good things in your life.

Always strive to look at the bright side of life.

look at the positive in every situation, no matter how unpleasant it might be!

If people around you are negative and discouraging you can almost always get up and go, or if you cannot leave, start repeating positive affirmations in your mind.

When you make your day a wonderful and fantastic day, you also makes other people’s day more happy and pleasant.

Your positive vibrations influence the mind, body and aura of other people.

When you are happy, you make others happy and bring light into the world. Unconsciously you make their day a wonderful day.

“The sun shines on everybody. You’ve got to keep believing.”
– Dontrelle Willis

“A day is a day. It’s just a measurement of time. Whether it’s a good day or a bad day is up to you. It’s all a matter of perception.”
– Donald L. Hicks

Every day is a good day to be alive, whether the sun’s shining or not.
– Marty Robbins

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