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Looking for Friends and Followers, Facebook Style, in the Outside World

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What happens when you seek friends outside of Facebook? Here’s a funny story.

Tom wanted to find new friends in the real world, the world that exists outside of Facebook, so he left his office to search for them.

He walked out on the street, with eyes facing straight ahead, not down at his cellular phone. To get friends, he shouted out loud what he ate today, where he drank his coffee, and how he felt, so everyone could hear him.

He also showed a photo of his sweet niece to a lot of people, without considering whether they had any interest of seeing a photo of someone they don’t know.

When Tom saw people doing something interesting, he shouted at them “I like it”, and tapped on their back.

Tom also said “wow” and complimented people on their looks, hairdo or clothes, even though he didn’t like them, and didn’t like what they wore. He didn’t tell them what he really thought about them, so that they feel he liked them.

Next, Tom walked through various streets, while contemplating in a loud voice about the meaning of life, and giving advice to people on the street, many of them complete strangers.

He also shared with everyone on the street how he felt, what he liked and what he didn’t like, and what he intended to do today and tomorrow, without stopping to think if they cared about this at all .

Tom talked with people, whom he never met and didn’t know who they were. This actually, was not a real conversation, but some kind meaningless words and syllables, such as “wow”, “oh”, “good”, “great” and “that’s right”.

After doing this for a while, Tom looked at his watch and was surprised to discover that more than one hour has passed.

He was quite happy with the number of followers (friends?) he gained so far. In one hour he already got five followers! Two followers were cops. One follower was a psychiatrist, one a social worker and one angry woman.

When Tom returned to his office, he thought that maybe he should stick with making friends in the virtual world and not in the real world, unless he did so in the old fashioned way, which was fast disappearing, and will be soon mentioned only in history books.

He concluded that finding friends and followers in the virtual world, the Facebook style, is much easier, required less effort, did not need interaction with people or social skills.

Looking for friends, the Facebook style, in the real world was tiring and required the physical effort walking, talking, looking at the people you talk with, and also noticing the world around, which involved effort and involvement of the five senses.