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The Things You Can Enjoy Doing While Walking


This morning, I went for a walk, and afterwards went to the gym. I know that most people use the treadmill for walking, but I prefer to walk outside, in the street or park.

I sit for many hours in front of the computer, and therefore, I prefer to walk outside, so I can enjoy the open space, see people, cars, the sun and the sky, instead of a screen and a wall.

When you walk outside, in the street, park or on the beach, you become invigorated and energized. There is air and open space, and this creates some kind expansion of the awareness.

When I walk in the morning I hear the birds singing, I see people going to work and I see the world waking to a new day. This is much more interesting than walking on the treadmill.

In the afternoon, just before or after sunset it is an hour of magic and a wonderful time to take a walk. The sky and the clouds change colors becoming crimson, orange and pink colored.

This, of course, is a matter of taste. Some people might not agree with me and prefer to walk on a treadmill and miss all this magic.

When I look around me, I see people with their eyes glued on their smartphones, or listening to music with their earphones.

Some people walk while smoking. How going for a walk and improving your health go hand in hand with smoking?

There are people who talk on the phone while walking. How can they enjoy walking or see the scenery around them if they talk on the phone? Walking is a kind of rest, a timeout, from your daily activities, so why not give the mind, ears and mouth some rest too?

It’s strange, but I rarely see anyone looking around, examining the buildings, the streets, the people, the houses or the cars. Has curiosity disappeared?

I hardly see people raising their heads to look at the top of the houses. I hardly see people raise their head to the sky when a plane flies by, and I don’t see people on the street looking at the stars and the moon at night.

A few months ago there was a beautiful sight in the sky, which occurred every evening for some time. The planets Venus and Jupiter, the most shining stars in the sky, where very close to each other (as seen from Earth, of course). One evening the moon joined them, and that was a spectacular sight, but I did not see people raising their heads to look at them. Maybe some did, but I am inclined to think they were in the minority. Where is curiosity?

The Things You Can Enjoy Doing While Walking:

  1. You can enjoy the view.
  2. You can watch nature, people, cars and houses. This could be quite interesting and is a good exercise for seeing details.
  3. You can meditate while walking. There are meditations suitable for walking.
  4. You can visualize what you want to achieve.
  5. You can repeat affirmations about the things you want to get or do.
  6. You can solve problems.
  7. You can count your steps as an exercise for concentration and discipline.
    You can listen to music.
  8. You can listen to an audiobook.

You can add to this list other activities that come to your mind.

Next time you go for a walk, remember what you read here and try doing one of the things I suggested. You will be surprised to discover a different world, interesting and beautiful.