How to Stop Thinking and Calm Your Mind

Constant Thinking

Do you sometimes wish you knew how to stop thinking?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you think constantly?
  • Do your thoughts race nonstop, like the waves on windy day?
  • Does too much thinking spoil your focus and distract your attention?
  • Are you having difficulties falling asleep at night due to thoughts that keep filling your mind?
  • Do you constantly worry?

You can stop thinking and enjoy inner peace and calmness.

You can have control over your thoughts.

I am not saying that you will able to stop thinking completely, but even a partial control of your thoughts is a great achievement.

Calm Down the Chatter of Your Mind

Do you wish to free your mind from endless thinking?
Discover How to Calm the Nonstop Chatter of the Mind

Most people have no control over their thinking process. For most people it seems impossible to stop thinking. The idea of calming down the mind and halt thinking might seem to them ridiculous and unrealistic.

Thinking is part of life, and though most people feel harassed by thoughts that they prefer to avoid, the idea of finding a way to stop thinking does not even occur to them.

Is It Possible to Stop Thinking?

Yes, it is possible to stop thinking, but this requires training.

You do not have to live in a monastery, a cave or in the forest to calm your mind and stop thinking. You can do so while living the same kind of life that you are living now.

However, you should remember that:

  • It is not enough to want to empty your mind of thoughts.
  • It is not enough to talk about your wish to silence your mind.
  • It is not enough to try once or twice.
  • You need to teach your mind to stop thinking calmly, without using force or trying too hard. If you try too hard you create stress and nervousness, which create the opposite results.

You might say that you do not have the time and energy to train your mind to stop thinking.

You might think that this requires too much effort.

You might feel too lazy to try.

If you want results, you need to strive constantly. Every success in life, in every area, requires some effort.

If you wish to stop your racing thoughts, you need to take action and practice some special techniques to calm the constant chatter that goes on in the mind.

Nonstop Thinking

There are always thoughts in the mind. Many of them are repetitive thoughts, and others new thoughts. They constantly come and go, giving no moment of rest. The thoughts might be about a particular topic that interests you or about something that makes you worry.

People find themselves constantly thinking about work, relationships, plans, goals, or about health matters. Often, these thoughts are associated with stress, anxiety or fears.

Sometimes, you might not be aware of these thoughts, but at other times, they might create strain and anxiety and will not allow you to sleep at night.

Your thoughts might be replays of past or recent events, which generated anxiety for you. Sometimes, they might relate to future events that are causing you stress and anxiety.

Often, repeating the the same thought over and again, increases any related problem or fear, and blow things out of proportion. Learning to stop them, will reduce events to their real proportion, and therefore, eliminate worries and anxiety.

Calm Down the Chatter of Your Mind

Do you wish to free your mind from endless thinking?
Discover How to Calm the Nonstop Chatter of the Mind

How to Stop Thinking

How to stop thinking? Here are a few simple tips to stop paying too much attention to thoughts, ignore them, and stop them from occupying your attention.

1. Stop Overthinking

Strive to be aware when you are overthinking. Each time you discover that you are overthinking, stop to ask yourself whether you really need these thoughts and what you can do about them.

Research says dwelling on your shortcomings, mistakes, and problems increases the risk of mental health problems, weakens your focus and creates stress and anxiety.

Overthinking could also be detrimental to your mental health and focus, and you need to learn to avoid it.

2. Be More Mindful of the Present

Pay more attention to the present, to what you are doing now and to what is happening around you. This will calm down your mind.

Learning to be in the present moment helps you focus your attention on what you are doing and eliminate unnecessary thinking.

When you focus on the present moment you teach your mind to focus and, and therefore, make it easier to disregard negative thoughts that create worries, stress and anxieties.

3. Look at Things from a Wider Perspective

There is no reason to overthink about minor matters. They are not worth your time and energy.

These matters might not be important in a few minutes or in a day or two. So why waste your time and your energy on them?

Looking at things from a wider perspective makes you see things as they are, and avoid blowing them out of proportion.

4. Repeat a Mantra

A mantra is a simple word, sound or phrase that you repeat to calm your mind.

Repeating a mantra does not allow thoughts to fill your mind. Instead, you fill it with the repetitions of the mantra, which substitute your thoughts. This is a very good method to control the flow of thought in the mind, avoid racing thoughts, and stop thinking too much.

You can use any word, sound, or short inspiring phrase. The goal is to focus on the word sound or phrase and not allow the mind to roam elsewhere. You could try repeating the word “happiness”, the sound “Om”, or the phrase “I am calm and relaxed”.

Repeat your mantra over and over, while focusing your attention on it. The great thing about the mantra is that you can repeat it anytime and anywhere you are, at home, at work and outside.

5. Take Few Deep breaths

When you discover that you mind is overthinking, take a few deep breaths. This will relax your mind and your body.

6. Practice meditation

Practicing meditation, even for just a few minutes a day, is one of the best ways to learn to stop thinking and enjoy a state of inner peace.

Meditation calms the body and the mind, and makes it easier to avoid stress, anxiety and constant thinking.

Meditation gives you better control of your mind and thoughts, improves your focus, and makes the mind sharper.

For more information, visit our meditation section.

7. Recommendations

The above are a few simple steps to help you stop thinking and calm down your mind. If you wish to get deeper into this matter, reduce the number of thoughts that race through your mind and learn to stop thinking at will, I highly recommend that you read the books:

1. How to Focus Your Attention

2. Calm Down the Nonstop Chatter of Your Mind

In these books, you will find all the information, guidance and exercises to help you stop your nonstop thinking and become the boss of your mind.

Calm Down the Chatter of Your Mind

Do you wish to free your mind from endless thinking?
Discover How to Calm the Nonstop Chatter of the Mind