How to Have Inner Peace and Joy

Are you afraid of inner peace? Do you want it, but fear that it might change your life in a way that you don’t want?

Do you feel that if you attain a state of inner peace, your life would become boring, especially if you love thrill and action?

Rest assured that your life won’t become boring.

Inner peace is not a passive condition, and does not require non-action and no activity.

You can live a life full of activity, interact with people, have fun, travel, work and do things, while at the same time experiencing inner peace and calmness.

True inner peace is not dependent on external conditions or situations. When attained, you can experience it wherever you are. It will fill your life with inner joy and happiness.

What Is Inner Peace?

Let’s define this term. Inner peace is a state of mental and emotional calmness and equanimity, in which, the constant chatter of the mind stops or almost stops.

In this state, the mind gets quiet and a sense of happiness arises, independent of external conditions. You don’t experience inner peace only while meditating or in a quiet place, but while you are fully awake and active. Actually, your five senses and mind become even sharper.

Experiencing Inner Peace

Most people probably do not believe that this state can be attained. With proper training it can be attained.

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In order to experience inner peace you do not have to live in an ashram or in a cave. You do need to to be rich, or wait until you have no problems or obstacles in your life.

You can go on living your day-to-day life, but with a new and different inner condition and attitude.

You can learn to live within inner peace here and now, even if there is much noise and activity in your life. Are you willing to make the necessary effort?

Most people experience stress, anxiety, worries and a state of non-stop thinking that sometimes is wearisome, but how many do anything to alleviate this situation?

Many are obsessed with what others think or say about them. They let other people’s words and thoughts, as well external conditions, affect their mood and state of mind.

However, when you truly seek inner peace, some time on the path, you stop minding what people think and say about you.

A simple and easy first step toward inner peace is finding a way that relaxes you. This could be listening to music, watching a movie, taking a walk, sleeping or working out. However, these methods bring only temporary peace.

There are other methods that can bring a greater degree of inner peace, which in time, becomes even deeper, and can be experienced more and more often in one’s daily life. Inner peace can become a habit, That does not require any effort.

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Gaining Inner Peace Is a Gradual Process

At first you experience inner peace for just a few seconds, but gradually the time gets longer and the experience gets deeper. It is a great feeling of peace, without, or almost without thoughts, and with full awareness and consciousness.

These moments might appear at any time, while working, reading, eating or walking, without disturbing what you are doing. Actually, you are able to continue doing what you are doing, while at the same time experiencing a sort of different, greater consciousness.

  • Even a small degree of inner peace is worthwhile and can improve your life!
  • Inner peace will bring inner joy into your life.
  • Inner peace is like a delicious candy that you can enjoy in bad times and in good times, in difficult times and in problem-free times.

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