Do You Finish What You Start Doing?

 Finish What You Start

Do you finish what you start? Do you possess enough inner strength to go through with whatever you start doing?

How many times have you started to do something with enthusiasm and energy, and then lost your enthusiasm and energy after a while?

How many times have you made promises to yourself and to others, with the intention of following them through, only to forget your promises after some time?

Sometimes, we don’t finish what we start, because we realize that:

  • We don’t really want what we started doing.
  • What we want requires too much time or money, more then what we are willing to invest.
  • We realize that there are more important things that we want.
  • We have a gut feeling that this is not the right thing to do.
  • Sometimes, we make a promise and start doing something about it, without prior thinking and
    analysis. After a while, we realize that it is a mistake and decide not to fulfill it.
  • At times, we start doing things due to temporary enthusiasm, but when the enthusiasm wanes, so does our desire to continue.

The Decision to Quit

Our decision to quit what we are doing might be sometimes justified, or unjustified at other times. The problem starts when quit, due to lack of self-discipline and perseverance. If we lack self-discipline and perseverance, how can we achieve anything, even small minor, everyday tasks?

How do you feel, when time after time, you quit what you are doing, because you lack self-discipline and perseverance? Do you feel frustrated? Do you lose faith in yourself?

The good news is that you can develop these two important inner assets.

  1. Think before you take action. Many of the projects we quit, we start without thinking and without analyzing their usefulness.
  2. Make your priorities before you start. What is more important now?
  3. Whenever you feel that you are losing enthusiasm and interest, start thinking about the benefits, and how what you are doing will benefit and improve your life, and other people’s lives.

I won’t tell you, “Stick with what you are doing, no matter what”, because if you need to be told these words, it means that you lack self discipline and perseverance, and these words won’t help you.

You will need to develop these skills, but how can you do so, if you cannot finish what you start? This is a vicious circle.

You need some measure of self-discipline, and also a strong incentive to start. How can you develop self-discipline and perseverance, if you lack the ability to persevere?

Self-Discipline and Perseverance Help You Finish What You Start

The solution is to start with simple exercises designed to develop self-discipline and perseverance, and with tasks that you can accomplish rather quickly.

Acting in this way, you build self-confidence and faith in yourself, and you will gradually be able to do things that require more effort. In time, you will develop the skill to follow and persevere with every plan, project, goal or resolution.

Remember, lack of perseverance stands in the way of success and accomplishment. Lack of perseverance is also one of the main reasons for failure. In order to improve the ability to persevere, and continue with whatever you start doing, you need to strengthen your discipline.

I will not speak about these exercises in this article, since I have written about them in other articles.

For more detailed information, exercises and instructions, I would recommend that you read the book Willpower and Self Discipline, which you can find at this website.

With just a little training, you will start to see results. You will begin to finish what you start doing.

Improve your ability and inner strength to continue and finish whatever you start doing, by reading and practicing the exercises in the book Build up Strong Willpower and Self Discipline.