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4 Ways to Manifest Life Success Using Universal Energy

Manifest Life Success

When you want something, the universe will conspire to help you achieve it. This phrase from Paulo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist, resonated with many people. The main protagonist, Santiago’s journey toward reaching his personal legend was carved in the allegory of the author’s storytelling.

It shows that when you know your personal legend or your life mission, once you embark on a journey to achieve it, as long as you’re committed and pour all your energy, you will attain that personal legend and go on pursuing the next one on your list.

It also shows how everyday decisions can carve a path for anyone. Although you don’t know how it will turn out, if you use universal energy positively, something favorable can come out.

What Is Universal Energy?

Universal energy is what makes up the things around you. Matter and everything you see has universal energy. And using them to shape your reality cannot be more valuable.

In the past years, especially when the book The Secret came out, people realized the importance of manifesting and how it can turn your dreams into reality by taking proactive steps.

It’s making everything you want to feel and experience happen through your actions, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

It’s intentionally speaking to the universe and letting it know what you want and how you plan on achieving it.

There are many ways to manifest your life’s success, but first, you must know what manifestation is.

What Is Manifestation?

Manifestation is bringing something tangible into your life, like a job, a romantic partner, or a child you wanted so badly through attraction and belief.

That said, here are a few ways you can manifest life success using universal energy:

1. By Using Crystals


People have been using crystals for thousands of years, and each type of crystal has a specific function. If you want to manifest love and attract somebody into your zone, visit this person in their dream using crystals, which is what astral projection is.

Using rose quartz which is said to harness love over fear, and clear quartz, which is said to open the doorway to the divine, will allow you to visit someone in their dream.

Maybe this person doesn’t know who you are, but when you visit them in their dream, it might open an idea in their head that you’re somebody they should get to know. It could be the beginning of a great friendship that may become love.

2. Write It Down on Paper

Write down your goals, and devise a plan. There’s nothing wrong with being straightforward about them.

When you do this and have written your plan as precisely as you can, it forms a clear idea in your head that you can remind yourself. And in instances that you forget, you can always go back to your list.

Sure, you have your gadgets and gizmos, and you can type it there, but there is something extraordinary about writing things down on paper. This conventional method makes your goals more special. Plus, you would feel more attached to them.

3. Pay It Forward

When you put something good into the world, something good returns to you. Call it karma; call it good graces.

The universe knows the good things that you did and will never forget.

It is also one of the reasons why buying someone else’s coffee became a thing on social media.

What started as a social experiment soon became viral, and many people in the drive-through would try to pay for the next customer’s drink.

It became a long line of people paying for a stranger’s drink, which was extraordinary.

This blind act proved that there is still humanity, and you can still see them in people you meet daily. And when you do this without expecting something in return, you’re attracting something phenomenal.

Next thing you know, you’re reading your letter of promotion or your letter of application from the university.

4. Be Mindful and Thankful

Awareness of your surrounding and using this to put yourself in the center is one way to attract energy and manifest what you want to happen.

It could be as simple as being mindful of your breathing and thankful for your life. And with each successful intake of breath, you get to appreciate what you have and where you currently are in your life.

You can also include all your senses and every part of your body as you try to meditate and put yourself in the right balance. Doing so can help you be on the right track towards your goals in life.


Your life is what you make of it. You’re the master of your destiny. If you have faith and believe in the good things, you will benefit from the positive energy you attract as you traverse life.

You may use crystals, prayers, or meditation; as long as you firmly believe in these methods and know what to do, you can tread the road to your goals more effortlessly.