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Meditation Leads to Inner Silence and Inner Peace

Meditation-Inner Silence

People who practice meditation, might at some point experience brief flashes of inner peace. It is a sort of temporary inner silence, tranquility and a sense of bliss.

Gradually, these flashes of inner peace, which last for a split second at the beginning, get longer and deeper. The time might extend to several seconds, and then even to several minutes.

In time, these moments of inner peace and inner silence would be experienced not only while meditating, but also in everyday life, when busy doing other things.

Strangely, this inner experience does not interfere with what you are doing. You may continue working, reading, exercising, talking or doing anything else, and at the same time experience this inner peace – inner silence.

You can continue with whatever task you are carrying out and at the same time experience these flashes of inner peace.

While enjoying this experience, you feel very much alive, happy and calm. At the same time, this experience does not interfere with your ability to handle calmly and efficiently your tasks and everyday affairs.

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During this experience, there is a sense of expanded awareness, and a feeling of being fully alive.

While in this state, there are no thoughts such as “I am not thinking now” or “My mind is silent”. You just feel peaceful and blissful, forgetting your personality-ego and just BE.

It is an uplifting and blissful experience, brought about when the mind and the thinking process slow down and stop their restlessness. In this state, you feel completely conscious and alive, blissful and peaceful, but without restless thinking.

During this inner experience, you feel as if you have awakened from sleep, with a feeling of being alive and free.

When you experience this inner peace, you will want it to stay in it. However, the moment you start thinking about it, or try to force it to continue, you are out of it.

If you try to force this feeling to stay, it will go away. This is because when you start thinking about it, you shift your awareness back to your thoughts and external world, and snap yourself out of this inner experience.

What you need to do is stay calm, not think about it, welcome it when it comes, and remember it when it is gone. You have no control of this state. It will come when you are ready.

In time, as you gain more experience, you will have more control of this state, and bring it about whenever you want.

What Happens When You Experience Inner Silence?

It not easy to explain in words what this experience really is. It is not a state of mind, but something above it. This experience calms down the mind and the body, and drives away meaningless and useless thoughts away from the mind.

Words can only point the direction to this experience, give an approximate understanding of it, and use comparisons to describe it. The best way to know what this inner experience means is to experience it.

In the beginning, when thoughts calm down for just a split second, the experience of inner silence – bliss is short, irregular, and rare. However, as your ability to silence the constant chatter of the mind grows, the depth, duration and frequency of the experience grows.

This inner experience can turn into a habit, and become the usual everyday consciousness. One can then live in this state while living his or her day-to-day life, working, interacting with people and carrying out tasks.

As you continue to meditate and gain inner peace and mastery over your mind, the restless activity of your mind will slow down.

Gradually, as your ability to calm down your mind grows, you will experience more inner silence, inner peace, bliss and happiness. These will not be just short flashes of inner peace and inner silence, but much more.

During this experience, you are here; you live in the present and are aware of the present.

What Do You Need to Do to Experience Inner Silence?

Just meditate every day, without checking whether you are experiencing inner silence. This experience comes about when the mind is calm and when the inner chatter of the mind stops.

If you keep thinking about the inner silence, your mind will keep producing thoughts, become restless, and even stressed. In this situation, you do not allow your mind to calm down and you do not experience inner silence.

The best thing to do, as said earlier, is to focus on the meditation, and to stop thinking or anticipating the inner silence and inner peace. They will appear when you and your mind are ready.

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