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Why a Focused Mind Is Important for Enjoying Life

Enjoying Life

When you can focus your mind, you enjoy life more. The reason is very simple. With a focused mind, you can ignore any irrelevant and meaningless thoughts and immerse yourself in what you are doing.

What happens when your mind is not focused? Thoughts constantly pass through your mind, attracting your attention and not allowing you to fix your mind on what you are doing.

If you do one thing and at the same time do something else, your attention is somewhere else, and you miss the joy of what you are doing.

When you eat a delicious meal, do you enjoy the meal and relish the food if your mind is somewhere else? No, you do not! You eat without being conscious of what you are eating.

The same thing occurs when you eat, and at the same time you read the newspaper or watch TV.

Next time you eat, try to focus on the food, its smell, and its taste.

You Need Focus if You Wish to Enjoy Life

  • If you cannot control your attention and allow it to follow your thoughts, worries, or problems, you miss the joy of traveling, swimming, talking with friends, or driving your car.
  • You miss the joy of the small things of life if your mind is always away and you do everything absentmindedly.

In this age of the smartphone and social networks, the lack of ability to focus is growing and is becoming more acute. People are not here. The attention is not here, and there is no focus.

People who enjoy life and people who use their skills and talents to get along in life are always those who can control their attention and focus their minds on what they are doing.

Anyone who strives to improve his or her focus takes a big step forward in life and accomplishes better and greater things. Such people focus on what they are doing, on their work, on accomplishing goals, and on enjoying life.

When you focus on your actions, you carry out what you are doing more efficiently and with fewer mistakes, and you enjoy what you are doing.

Carry out a Boring Task with Attention and Focused Mind

Next time you need to do some boring task, try to carry it out with full attention and a focused mind.

What would happen? If you can focus on the task, boredom would disappear, as well as the inner resistance to carry out this task. The time would pass more quickly, and you would even enjoy what you are doing.

When you need to carry out some chore or task, which you do not like doing, you think about the discomfort it is causing you, and about the other things you could have done instead. This increases the feeling of discomfort, stress and lack of happiness.

However, if you focus your attention on the task, even if you do not like it, you do not allow all these thoughts to arise and occupy your mind.

Focus on Your Actions, and You Will Enjoy What You Are Doing

When watching a movie, and the same time letting worries arise, do you enjoy the movie?

When walking on the beach, and at same time being busy texting or reading messages, you do not enjoy the breeze, the sunset or the view.

To enjoy life, you need to be present, not only physically, but also mentally. Your mind has to be here, not somewhere else.

  1. When traveling, focus on your surroundings and you will enjoy your trip.
  2. When talking with people, focus on the conversation and do not think of other things or use your phone.
  3. While fixing something at home, focus on what you are doing.
  4. When cooking focus on the act of cooking.
  5. While eating, focus on the food and enjoy what you are eating.
  6. When working out be fully and present.

Pay Attention to Your Actions

Increasing your focus and training your mind to focus might seem to you like a difficult and boring thing to do, but it is not so at all.

If you strive to devote even just a few minutes a day for improving your focus, you will gain the ability to focus on your actions, do them more efficiently, and at the same time enjoy what you are doing.

When you do something that requires your attention, try to direct all your attention to what you are doing.

Being here, being present, and directing your full attention to the task or action, makes you enjoy whatever you are doing.

Focusing on your actions can make a boring task more interesting, and the time passes more quickly and pleasurably.

Focusing on your actions can make every task and every action not only more efficient, but also more interesting and pleasant to do.

You would improve your life when you learn to focus on your actions. To do so, you need to train your mind and attention. You can find simple steps and exercises that are easy to practice in the book “Focus Your Attention”.