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Understanding the Superconscious Mind and Reaching It Through Meditation

The Superconscious Mind

The superconscious mind is the layer that lies beyond what one usually experiences through the conscious and subconscious minds.

It is the highest level of awareness that promises a connection with one’s Intuition in the true sense of the word.

To understand the superconscious mind and how one can reach this state through meditation, it’s important to fully understand how your mind works, in the first 2 states you normally experience.

What Is the Conscious Mind?

This is the mind you are most connected to, daily. It’s where you can find all your 5 senses, which enable you to experience the material world in its entirety:

  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Touch
  • Hearing

The conscious mind is the one you rely on to carry out even the most basic of activities. You use it to make decisions, determine your favorite foods, and talk to your friends and family.

For most people, the conscious mind is, perhaps, the most important one. However, your conscious mind is just a small component of a person’s overall consciousness and awareness.

Many times, even, the conscious mind can only reveal a fraction of what you can experience on this plane, both physically and spiritually, as even with all this information from your senses, you are still limited by what the conscious mind can perceive.

What Is the Subconscious Mind?

The subconscious mind lies just underneath the conscious one. It is mostly hidden from your awareness, and most people will only get glimpses of what is stored here.

But the subconscious mind keeps track of everything a person does, from their activities to their words, and even their feelings.

If the conscious mind can forget some things, the subconscious one never lets them go.

A person may forget about a particularly painful moment with time, and consciously be unable to bring it forward, or recall many of its details. But in the subconscious mind, this event remains intact, forever.

Though your subconscious mind is hidden, at least on the surface, from your awareness, it has much influence over how you think, act, and even what you say.

Inducing a state of relaxation can often reveal many parts of your subconscious mind you may find strange, surprising, or even foreign at times.

What Is the Superconscious Mind?

The superconscious mind is the level of human awareness that goes far beyond what the conscious and subconscious minds can ever experience.

It taps into the energy that lies above what you can normally perceive as true or reality, a sort of space that lies between thoughts, feelings, and experience.

The superconscious mind is where all things are “true” – creativity, love, passion, understanding.

They are found here in their purest sense because they are not bound to the material world, nor are they corrupted by the senses of consciousness.

Many believe the superconscious mind is the state that has led to the world’s most impressive works of art, those that, when you view them, you intuitively understand exist far above the mundane.

Therefore, the superconscious mind provides a wonderful state of being that goes beyond what the conscious and unconscious minds can grapple with.

What Does It Feel Like to Connect with the Superconscious Mind?

When you reach the level of the superconscious mind, you get to experience yourself in your entirety. You reach a level of awareness never before felt and unlock pure expressions of joy and love.

You do not simply think – you are the thoughts that flow from your superconscious mind.

You do not just feel, but are the feelings you emanate.

In the superconscious state, you do not love, you ARE love, in every sense of the world, and each cell in your body exudes it.

The superconscious mind provides a unique sense of freedom, as it’s not bound by what the 5 senses pick up, nor is it influenced by what the subconscious mind remembers.

It goes above both these layers to experience freedom, at last, from all that which forces the being to remain “present”, and all that distracts you from your journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment.

How Can You Reach the Superconscious Mind?

The superconscious mind can often be felt when you enter a state of deep calmness and relaxation.

This is often achieved through superconscious meditation, which encourages an individual to enter a space of peace, love, and even bliss, where elements of the physical world hold much less power and influence.

Reaching the superconscious mind is a journey. In most cases, people will not arrive at this stage of calmness, peace, and awareness through a few sessions of meditation, but through dedicating themselves to opening their mind’s door to this superior state of being.

Superconscious meditation takes you on a journey deep within yourself. This ritual encourages you to disconnect from what your senses can perceive, and what your subconscious mind remembers and allows you to look much deeper into your energetic essence, where many truths can be revealed.

Spiritual awakening and the process of reconnecting with the Divine will often open the door to the superconscious mind. This state, in and of itself, is Divine by nature. And through superconscious meditation, one can unlock this internal door and connect with the highest state of awareness they can.