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12 Conscious Living Tips for Your Everyday Life

Conscious Living

Conscious living means paying attention to your thoughts, choices, and actions. It means making conscious decisions and acting more consciously.

How do you live your life consciously, making your own judgments and decisions, or acting automatically, programmed by the past, the media, or the opinions of other people?

Are you thinking and acting like a robot or as a conscious being?

Living consciously means making conscious choices in an unbiased way. It means looking more deeply into things and not just accepting the obvious.

Conscious living is a way of living that can help you awaken and live more consciously, both spiritually and on the physical level. It can help you bring your attention to what you are doing instead of being scattered-minded.

Conscious living clears the fog through which most people drift and lets you see where you are going. It helps you make conscious choices instead of automatic ones.

Conscious Living Means that You Take Control of Your Life

Do you sometimes awake to the idea that you might be drifting through life? Do you feel you are lacking a purpose?

Do you feel that whatever you accomplish seems not enough, as if something is missing?

Nowadays, the strain at work, the media, and the Internet are producing too much stress, lack of focus, and short attention span. This makes you less productive and less focused.

Stress and lack of focus lead to impatience, unhappiness, and anger and can hurt your health.

Conscious living can change all this. It would help you gain more control over your life. It would put the steering wheel of your life into your hands.

This is a mindset that can change your whole life, making your life interesting, fascinating, and full of purpose.

It is a way of life that can lead you to become a person with awakened awareness and consciousness. This way of life can make your life better and more purposeful.

It’s a mindset that allows you to be more aware of your thoughts, behavior and actions, and being more aware of the world around you.

Are You Living Unconsciously or Consciously?

Ask yourself the following questions, to find out whether you are living consciously or unconsciously:

1. Are you making your own decisions, with common sense and thinking, or just doing what others do or say?

2. Are you doing in your life what you really want to do?

3. Do you control your life, or do people and circumstance control them for you?

4. Are you doing the things that you really enjoy doing?

5. Do you make any effort to improve yourself and your habits?

6. Do you think in a limited way, instead of thinking in unlimited ways.

7. Are you spending your time being busy, but making no progress?

8. Do you find yourself overweight, unable to take any positive action to change the situation?

9. Do always look for excuses not to exercise, learn new skills, or make changes in your life?

10. Are you always following the herd in matters of opinions, lifestyle and behavior?

11. Do your days pass by doing unimportant things, watching TV, or spending hours on the social media?

Your answers to these questions will let you know whether conscious living is part of your life or whether you are acting, thinking and living automatically and unconsciously.

Conscious living means stopping acting like a robot. It means sitting in the driver’s seat of your life. It’s something you can do.

How to Be More Conscious

How to Live Life consciously and with more awareness?

Living your life consciously is not something you can gain overnight. It’s a lifestyle and a skill that you need to develop.

This is an ongoing process, not something that you do just once.

It’s a simple process, but it requires constant training and awareness.

How to be more conscious and aware?

how to live consciously?

You need to strive to be conscious and pay attention to your thoughts, actions, reactions, and the world around you. You need to make conscious choices rather than doing things without thinking.

All this might sound simple, but it requires constant attention. It requires that you stop living your life on autopilot, as most people do.

It’s not easy to changes our lives, to get out of our comfort zone, and to begin to live the life we want and decide about.

This requires some effort, energy, discipline, and constant vigilance.

However, once you become aware of the benefits of conscious living, your passion and desire to adopt this mindset would become strong.

12 Tips for Living Consciously

How to live consciously?

Here are simple tips on how to be more conscious of yourself and the world around you.

  1. Review your day in your mind, before going to sleep at night. Think about what you did and what you wanted to do, but didn’t do. Do this review calmly, without anger or remorse.
  2. During the day, try to be aware of the thoughts that pass through your mind, and ask yourself whether you really need them, and whether they are useful.
  3. Pay attention to the words you repeat in your mind and to the words you utter from your mouth. Say positive and encouraging words, instead of belittling or criticizing words.
  4. Pay attention to the way you treat your colleagues, family, and the people you encounter in your daily life. Are you treating them well or badly? Decide to strive to be more positive, loving and encouraging.
  5. Consider whether you are making an impact on the world around you? What kind of impact, positive or negative, constructive or destructive?
  6. When walking outside, look at the world around. Don’t immerse yourself in your smartphone. There is a whole beautiful, fascinating world outside.
  7. Look at the flowers and the trees, the birds, the sky and the clouds. Look up, down and around you, and you will discover things you have never seen before. Be more curious.
  8. Make your decisions consciously and not automatically. Do not do things just because others do them, or because you heard about them on TV or the social media.
  9. You have to be unique and different. Why do you need to follow others? Where is your individuality? Don’t be afraid of what people might say if you make different choices.
  10. Think before you spend money. Think before taking action. Do not act impulsively and without thinking, just because someone said so, or because this is habitual behavior.
  11. Get out of your comfort zone.
  12. Practice meditation and mindfulness. These two practices would take you far on the way of living your life more consciously and purposefully. Even just 10 minutes a day, would in the long run, expand your consciousness and awareness beyond the ego, limited thinking, and living on autopilot.

Start today to gain control over your life, improve your ability to make conscious choices, and live a conscious life.

I would like to add that developing a certain degree of willpower and self-discipline can be very helpful. Therefore, I recommend that you read my book about Willpower and Self Discipline.

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