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Why Confidence Matters in Learning and in Life

Why Confidence Matters

Have you ever met people whose confidence was inspirational? Have you seen how this confidence helps them succeed regardless of the challenges they face? In learning and in life, confidence is what makes people perform better.

Performance and confidence are related in a unique and interesting way. Should a student have faith in their own abilities and ideas, they are likely to reach all the set objectives. If this confidence is compromised, so are the outcomes.

Surprisingly, confidence can help us envision success and make it come true. Moreover, confident and self-assured people are usually taken more seriously by everyone around, which also facilitates their success.

Would Theranos, the largest fraud in Silicon Valley, be able to fundraise billions if it was not for its owner’s confidence? Not possible. Most of its stakeholders – people who’ve been in the industry for decades – invested merely because they trusted the confidence they saw in Elizabeth Holmes.

Even though it didn’t end well for the Theranos, Elizabeth’s confidence is something to be jealous of. With the right idea and attitude, such a strong belief in one’s abilities can undoubtedly lead to success. Why? Because it is the best self-motivator.

Perform Under Pressure

Confident people can tolerate pressure a lot better than others do. Those who are positive in their knowledge, skills, and abilities are usually more tolerant of deadlines and other academic challenges.

Willpower and Self-Discipline

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However, confidence alone is not the driving force that propels students’ success. It only serves as an immunity to stress, especially when the pressure is intense. Confidence should be supported with skills and knowledge to reflect in real success.

For example, students claiming “I will write my essay because no one else can” out of confidence that only they can produce an essay worth the highest grade, should be capable of writing at this level. Otherwise, this confidence is nothing but fuss.

Respond to Setbacks

The education process is not linear. Sometimes, it’s full of wonders and those little moments that help you carry on learning. But sometimes, it’s daunting and disappointing, which causes many people to quit.

Confidence helps face those challenges. It does not eliminate them, but it really helps students endure those periods and keep on achieving new knowledge and skills.

Confidence helps overcome those setbacks, thus building resilience as a determinant of success.

Leave the Comfort Zone

Confidence is something that pushes students to:

  • drive initiatives;
  • try something new;
  • experiment;
  • explore.

It also fuels students’ ability to take risks. Can you imagine someone opening a business as a student if they were not bold enough to believe that this would work?

Can you imagine Zuckerberg starting Facebook and expanding this social network if he was not confident that this was something the world needed at that point?

Go Further and Achieve More

Confidence never lets you take a step back and question whether you should continue or give up. It fuels your inner-self and sets you on track to success.

That means that confident people are less likely to give up and they have a serious reason to keep going no matter what.

Confidence does not let you rest. It doesn’t let you set back if there is a challenge. It doesn’t let you settle. On the contrary, it helps you consolidate your strength and go further to achieve more.

Experience No Fear

One extra benefit of confidence is that it decreases stress and anxiety in students’ lives.

If you are confident enough in your abilities, knowledge, and skills, it’s hard to make you question your strengths.

That means confident students with self-esteem are less likely to worry about someone else’s opinion. They explore new subjects, roles, and hobbies, knowing that they can master anything if they dedicate enough effort and time.


Obviously, these benefits of confidence can be extrapolated in different aspects of life. We don’t have to be limited by school and education.

Confidence can help you live a happier, more fulfilling life where you get back on track even if a failure happens.

It’s never about boasting. It’s rather about being able to evaluate how unique and talented you are and use this as a driving force in your endeavors.

Confidence also builds a stronger sense of oneself, making it easier to connect with people and build long-lasting relations.

After all, everyone wants to befriend someone confident enough to dream and fulfill those dreams.

Confident people prefer to act; they’re present here at the moment. This awareness helps develop empathy enough to help others.

Willpower and Self-Discipline

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