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6 Morning Practices Guaranteed to Keep You Motivated

Have a Good Breakfast

There are predominantly two types of people in this world – those who like to start their day early and others, who if given a chance would lie in bed all day.

We have all had days when getting out of bed was next to impossible, and all we wanted to do is go back to sleep. There are various factors that keep you from motivating yourself to get out of bed, such as lack of sleep, tiredness, lethargy or just the lack of drive to go about the day.

6 Smart Morning Practices

Here Are 6 Smart Morning Practices, Guaranteed to Keep You Motivated through the Day.

Wake up Early

Get into the routine of sleeping and waking up early. This will allow you plenty of time to spend time with yourself and finish your chores before you get on with your regular routine.

If you are someone who finds it difficult to wake up, it’s a good idea to set an alarm an hour prior to the time you need to be awake. This ensures you wake up peacefully instead of waking up in the very last minute, struggling to get ready to start the day.

It’s important to wake up with a calm and peaceful state of mind as it assures a smoother day.

Start Your Day with Yoga

Mornings are a great time to practice yoga and meditate. Take time to relax and reflect before you get busy in the day. Use this time to clear your mind and put distractions at bay.

Don’t fight your thoughts while doing yoga – just be in the moment and practice mindfulness. Yoga is an extremely healthy morning practice as it helps in taming your anxious mind and contributes to better mental health.

Have a Hearty Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it’s imperative that you take it seriously. The last thing you should do is head out with an empty stomach. Not only is this unhealthy, but it is likely to result in loss of energy during the course of the day.

However busy or chaotic your mornings are, breakfasts play a vital role in setting the foundation of your day. Starting your day with a good breakfast keeps your glucose and cortisol levels in check, helping you get a good night’s sleep.

So, eat a healthy breakfast to boost productivity and elevate your mood. You can include foods such as eggs, bread, spinach, smoothies and fruits among others. This is another reason why you should wake up early – so that you get enough time to fix yourself a hearty meal.

Make a To-Do List

The best way to have a productive day is to spend a few minutes in the morning making a list of tasks you want to achieve in the day.

Having a to-do list lets you organize your day and track progress while remaining productive. So, whether it’s getting motivated to complete that essay or working on a presentation – nothing is more motivating than ticking those items off your to-do list.

Listen to Motivational Podcasts On-the-Go

What happens when we can’t find motivation within ourselves? At such times, what helps is listening to motivating podcasts that energize you. The best part about podcasts is that they are convenient to consume and engaging.

So, while you’re traveling to work or college, listen to podcasts of your choice that motivate you, fill you with hope, and push you harder to go after your goals.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night and unable to sleep on time? If yes, you should try sleep inducing hacks like putting your phone away, going to bed at the right time or listening to relaxing music.

On an average, humans need at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep to function well throughout the day. Make sure you follow a sleep schedule religiously to sleep faster. What’s more, going to a bed at the same time every day develops stronger immunity and improved concentration.

So, make these morning practices a way of life and you will be surprised how this will positively affects your mood, motivation and productivity levels.

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