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Everything Starts as a Dream, but Requires Action

Everything starts as a dream, a thought, a mental image, but this is just the first step. If you stay there, you will enjoy your dream, but one day you will see that you are standing still, like a person watching a beautiful and inspiring movie, over and again, but not going out to the real world to create and live what he or she has seen in the movie.

Are you waiting for some miracle to change your life? Sometimes, miracles do happen, but why not make the miracles happen? You can create miracles, when you know what you want, adopt a positive attitude, and take action.

Help the miracle happen, by participating in its creation, by planning, visualizing, expecting, and acting. When you contribute to making things happen, they eventually happen, sometimes quite fast, and sometimes, gradually, over a period of time.

To achieve a dream you need to take action. For most people, it looks like a difficult step, because you don’t know where to start and what to do. It is here that most people stop and don’t go further. The people who succeed are those that think, plan, read, and look around them to see open doors. In order to see the open doors you need motivation and faith in yourself.

This has to do with every area of life, including relationships, work, material success, self-improvement, meditation and spiritual growth.

Don’t wait for miracles to happen. Make them happen. Everything starts as a dream, but requires action. Even miracles require some action on your part.

Do you want to make a new start? Why wait? Do you want to write the book you have always wanted to write? Do you want to learn a new language? Do you want to have a loving relationship? Do you want to start a business? Do you want to go on the trip you have always dreamed about? Do you want to learn to meditate? Take action now.

Don’t be afraid of the “action” part. You can take action that takes you closer to your goals, even if you don’t have enough money, time, or the proper circumstances.

Everything starts as a dream, but requires action for making it a reality. Dream, but also visualize and affirm. Visualization and affirmations are “action steps.” They will open doors for you, but you need to take action to open the door and enter. Sometimes, you might find yourself pushed into an open door, toward success, but on most occasions, you will see the door and recognize it, but you need the “action part” of opening it, passing through it, and doing things to make the goal come true.

In all these steps, motivation, passion, and perseverance are of vital importance.

Don’t wait for the opportunity to come. Create the opportunity. Visualize it, affirm that it is already here, and prepare yourself for it, so that when it appears, you recognize it, and take advantage of it.

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