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How to Strengthen Your Motivation

Motivation is important for anything you do, whether it is studying or making friends, learning a foreign language, bodybuilding, starting a new career or improving your financial condition.

Motivation is also important for self improvement, meditation and for improving your life. It is a driving force that you need to push you forward, and for doing anything, small or big.

Motivation is the driving force that keeps you energized and focused on your goal. It gives you the inner strength to go on and on, and do whatever is required to achieve your goal.

From what I see and hear from people, many lack motivation, and this leads to laziness, lack of ambition, and to dissatisfaction. However, to act, do and achieve, you need to strengthen the motivation.

How do you strengthen your motivation?
Your imagination and your thoughts play a major role in this respect. Visualizing what you would like to do or achieve, or repeating affirmations, increase the motivation, but you have to be careful not to think contradictory thoughts. It is no use visualizing or affirming for a few minutes, and then thinking negatively the rest of the day.

9 Tips to Strengthen Your Motivation:

1. Start with small goals. Achieving small goals will give confidence to try bigger ones.

2. Choose a goal that you really want to accomplish and that matters to you.

3. Choose reasonable goals that are within immediate reach at the beginning. It will be easier to awaken desire and motivation for goals that do not require a lot of time and effort to achieve. Later, as you gain experience, you can try goals that require more motivation, and which now, seem impossible for you.

4. Make your goal very clear. Write it down and read what you wrote every day.

5. Visualize your goal as already accomplished and close your mind to contrary thoughts. While visualizing, feel the joy you will get upon accomplishing your goal.

6. Repeat affirmations and positive statements concerning your goal. Affirmations are short positive statements about your goal.

7. Several times every day read quotes that inspire you and create enthusiasm in you.

8. Whenever you have doubts, replace them with positive thoughts, and if this is difficult, get busy with something that diverts your attention to something else.

9. Read books or articles about people, who achieved success, especially in the area you want to succeed.

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