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7 Motivational Factors that Will Encourage Student to Study Well

Encourage Student to Study

Climbing a mountain does not happen at once. More than 40% of high school students are chronically disengaged from their educational institutions as reported by The National Research Council. It was kindly shared by the Forbes magazine.

Most probably, these young people do not realize the significance of learning, especially higher education.

Taking into account it is impossible to continue the educational trip without passing the initial stage, school, many modern kids fail to succeed at the early stages. It is difficult to revive later.

Visualize Yourself Taking Action

Numerous researches discovered that visualization has a strong, positive impact on the learning process. Even in sports, it makes a difference to the performance of athletes. Students can be compared to those athletes as well, so it might be a good idea to visualize things for them too.

Interactive content will do:

  • In-class PPT presentations
  • Photographs and images
  • Videos and documentaries
  • Games
  • After-class practice

A teacher should dedicate more time to attending theatres, museums, and cinemas to let the students imagine particular scenarios. Vivid life examples will help to understand the subject better.

As for the student, it is necessary to pretend you are already taking certain actions (e.g., writing the last page of a research paper, collecting study materials, getting enrolled in the dream college, etc.) This technique assists in accomplishing things on your list.

Remember: Even Smallest Actions Add up

Many times in our life, we can get bogged down being sick and tired of things happening around us.

Working on 10,000-word research or term paper might be one of the reasons for facing stress. No teacher assigns such large assignments on the submission eve. It means that every student has a few weeks or even months to prepare the paper.

Thus, if you come up with 5-10 sentences per day, you will manage to finish the project before the deadline. Postponing it to the last minute will not help.

Right, every action adds up to accomplishing a significant, long-term goal.

The best thing a student can do trying to create a powerful dissertation is handling 500 words every day. If you finish earlier, it is still better than being late. Late papers result in F in 90% cases.

Writing 500 words every day will make you complete the project in just 20 days, and it is less than one month! Even if you plan to leave weekends aside, that will do. Remember: worry disappears in the face of action.

Keep Telling Yourself It Will Not Last Forever

Knowing that one day the “nightmare” will end, and you will obtain much more freedom is a perfect motivation. Who knows: perhaps, one day you will become a manager in some cool firm, which will make you tell other people what to do, and not vice versa.

Focusing and Keeping Things in Mind

Start re-reading the study materials 3 times from today. An old and very wise teacher shared this hint with us some time ago. We managed to learn some historical episodes by heart and even improved the knowledge of some languages.

You should not go into every detail – the photographic memory will help you to scan the letters and store them somewhere deep inside your head. And yes – ask questions each time you revise the material and discover things that sound weird to you.

Break down the Readings Classes like World’s History or English Literature demand students to read long swathes of content. It would be easier to study by dividing the entire material into chunks of a single page (approximately 500 words). Put down at least 5 questions related to the discussed topic and ask your tutor or experts to answer.

A better idea to organize the things would be involving the flash cards in the educational process. The sooner you get the answers, the sooner you will master the topic.

Cooperate in Teams

Get together with your peers to speed up the learning process. Brainstorm in groups to collect sources and find replies to the essential questions. It will also help to improve communication skills, analysis, and critical thinking.

Use Online Help from Time to Time

There is nothing bad about using online academic services when you face a writer’s block, run out of time, or simply do not get the topic. Type, “write my paper for me“, whenever you face several assignments to be done overnight.

It is impossible to write huge volumes during one evening. Besides, the teachers should not overwhelm students with multiple homework assignments, so it is okay to get professional help if your teacher breaks the rule.

Know the Benefits of Education

A college education offers much more than simply getting ready for the future career. As reported by a 2013 report by The College Board, a high school diploma, as well as a college degree, will make you more successful in a variety of fields listed below.

  • Economic: Did you know that an average salary of people who obtain a diploma from the higher educational institution is &44,800 or even $56,500 compared to people who only have graduated from school ($35,400 only). Gaining Master’s or Ph.D. degree guarantees even higher annual income along with the better career opportunities.
  • Health: Another interesting fact is that individuals who gain post-secondary education appear to make healthier decisions. For instance, just 8 percent of 4-year degree-owners replied that they smoke. The numbers for people who lack higher education are much greater. Plus, more than 70% of young adults with the Associate’s degree claim to do physical exercises every week.
  • Civic involvement: Almost 50% of graduates who have at least bachelor degree know what is going on in the country and government in particular at least on the basic level. People who did not attend any higher educational institutions have no idea about the current political situation in the country. Thus, they often make wrong choices at the elections of different levels. It was proved that countries with the lower literacy rates tend to choose weak presidents.

On the whole, college and university graduates perform better in all possible fields, including economic well-being, physical/mental health, and political science. Moreover, they never stop learning something new, and that is how they move by their career path faster than others.

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