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Knowing Your Purpose and Passion in Life

Purpose and Passion

Have ever thought about your purpose? It is most likely that you have one, even if you don’t know it.

What about your passion? Do you have one? Perhaps you have never thought about that either, but knowing your purpose and passion in life can completely change your outlook.

When there is a purpose, it gives meaning and hope to who we are, while a passion can create satisfaction and a sense of achievement.

It is important to point out this isn’t about the purpose of life in general, but your purpose to your life. Both these might be the same, but they can be different.

The purpose of life has been debated for many centuries. It depends on various beliefs, on religion, and on whether you are a non-believer.

There might not be a purpose that is common to all mankind, but if there is, it’s most likely to be to enjoy life and be happy.

It isn’t selfish to think in those terms, because being happy and enjoying life can encompass everything good, like helping others, providing, protecting your family or contributing to make the world a better place. It might even be a pathway to an afterlife, who knows.

What about you? Forget a common purpose for a moment, what is your purpose, and does it link to a passion you have?

Purpose vs Passion

Purpose and passion are not necessarily the same, they can be, but don’t have to be.

If you have a passion in your life, you will probably know what it is. It will be something you care about very much and attach your emotions to it.

A purpose, on the other hand, does not require emotion. It is self-perpetuating just because it exists.

You can have a purpose and a passion, and they don’t need to depend on one another.

A person may for example, have a passion for playing tennis and reaching the top in that game, but may feel his or her purpose is to help underprivileged children. Both the passion and purpose are completely different in this case. However, they can be linked.

By following the passion, and becoming a top tennis player, this person could work into a position where he or she had some extra spare time and cash. They could then give that extra time and money towards their purpose of helping underprivileged children.

The purpose and passion are linked but it’s important to see how they are different from each other. When both are the same thing for a person, it can result in a focus and dedication to just one thing in life.

Whether your purpose and passion are linked or do not link does not matter. It is just that knowing what they are can help you to define yourself.

Effects of Knowing Your Purpose and Passion in Life

It’s quite likely your purpose will follow your passion but don’t assume that it will be that way. As you experience life, things may occur that open up your purpose. You might see wrongs and want to right them. Perhaps you see injustice and want to bring about justice, or you may see possibility and want to make it reality.

If you look for it, your purpose will present itself to you. There is a good chance it was formed by beliefs and past experiences held within your subconscious. This is what makes your purpose unique to you.

Once you are on the path of knowing your purpose and passion in life and taking action to make it happen, you will cause changes. Not just changes to yourself but to the universe, because you are a part of it.

At its basic state, the universe and all that is part of it, is made up of vibrations. These vibrations resonate at different frequencies and cause the formation of “things” and that includes you. As well as being in the universe, you are a part of it, which means you are connected to it.

You are like a cog, a nut or a bolt, which is a crucial part of the “whole”. Without you, it would be very different and wouldn’t work in exactly the same way.

Your actions, however small, cause reactions that create change, or steer the course of the universe. For example, if you happened to be at the scene of an accident and saved a person’s life, the outcome would have been very different if you did not exist. That person may have died, which would have had an effect on many other lives and events that turned out differently because there was no you to save that person.

Do not underestimate your importance as a part of the functioning of the universe.

Purpose and Passion in Life’s Perspective

The universe is constantly changing and expanding because of the vibrations that occur. You are an important part of this, a piece of the jigsaw and it is important to remember that changes and growth caused by your vibrations are permanent. This means that a part of you continues forever, it will always be there even after you are gone.

Viewing your life as having permanence to it might make you think differently about your purpose and even your passion. Expressing your life through your purpose and following your passion will affect how the universe develops, changes and grows, forever.

My writing of this article and you reading it is important because it may have sparked some thoughts in your mind. You might take some action because of it, and then the shift in frequency of vibrations might cause an eternal effect.

Even if you take no action, the thoughts in my mind, printed here, have reached yours for a moment. That is a minor change, which could never have happened if I did not exist.

Knowing your purpose and passion in life carries a responsibility, because whatever they cause you to do cannot be undone. When you think of it in this way, it demonstrates how your existence, as part of the universe, is as important as any other part of it, and may be a purpose in itself.

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Steve Collins has been a broadcaster for many years, with an interest in self-help and how to make life better. His knowledge on the topic is not through professional training. He is self-taught and uses his life experiences to help with his writing. His website