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4 Hidden Elements of Personal Growth Besides Goals

Elements of Personal Growth

Personal growth, as I have come to experience it, is not always about goals. Although this is the main area of focus that most people focus on, in my opinion, it is incomplete.

I studied and watched a lot of motivational videos and self-help material. Throughout the process of studying them, I noticed something about myself: my inner state of consciousness grew and increased.

The voice inside my head began to be more creative and intelligent with the way it directed my thoughts, ideas, and actions.

I began to notice a brand new insight on how one improves oneself, and a few of the hidden elements that most people don’t think about.

Hidden Elements for Personal Growth

Here are 4 hidden elements to personal growth besides merely setting goals and accomplishing them that I think are important, and I suggest that you consider these elements. Just think about them.

Learning to Think

One of the most joyful elements to personal growth that I personally feel most people miss out on is the concept of thinking. Our God-given ability to think is one of the tools, which separates us from animals.

You might be sitting there scratching your head and thinking, “What is this guy talking about? How does thinking have anything to do with self-improvement? Everybody thinks.”

Unfortunately, most people don’t think. They don’t think for themselves. Their minds are on autopilot with other people’s ideas and they ignorantly assume that this is just the way it is.

Thinking is a tool, which causes everything to happen in your life.

It is a mental act that is currently controlling what you see in your life and what you attract.

Everything starts from thought, and if you don’t understand how to think in the way you were meant to think, you will not have control over your life.

You will not be able to seriously distinguish what your heart wants and what your ego wants. You will not be able to set goals that represent what you truly want, let alone accomplish them.

Remember this: your thinking should be controlled by YOU, not by that poorly programmed internal mechanism which controls your thoughts without you even recognizing it. This is because most likely your internal mechanism is programmed with negativity.

Learning How to Think Creatively

Learning how to think alone may not be enough to cause the change you want in your life. Once you learn how to think, thinking creatively is what I believe the next step is.

Simply the act of consciously thinking thoughts and entertaining them in your mind will not suffice.

Thinking creatively is when you take the simple act of thinking and you shape, design, and customize your thoughts in such a way that will automatically enhance and uplift you, and get you to have a perspective that is truly your own and that no one take away from you.

It is that unique creativity in your thoughts that will cause your life to be worthy of being called “your life,” because it will be representative of your own thoughts which are a true reflection of you.

What do you want your thoughts to do for you in your life? What are you trying to improve? How do you want your life to look like on the screen of your mind? What type of perspective are you trying to accomplish?

Mere thinking is just thinking. Thinking with a purpose is called thinking creatively.

Being an Artist of Life

When you first hear the word artist, you may think of a person who draws, paints, sculpts, or takes professional photography. We don’t stop and consider the fact that we are all artists, artists of our lives.

Our life is the canvas, we are the painters, and our thoughts are the paint and paint brush. What are you “painting” on your “canvas” with your “paint brush” and “paint?”

Actualize yourself as an artist of life.

Before you can materialize your results, you first have to think of them and design them in your mind. Your mind, the act of thinking, and thinking creatively, are literally the workshop in which our life forms.

Meditating and Working on What You’ve Got

As you think creatively, meditating and working on the ideas you have got, you will create the effect that you want. Most people think that just because they are imagining positive and creative and inspiring ideas, that it will be good enough. It won’t.

You have to live, breath, sleep, eat, and become one with these ideas. Use them to GROW as a person.

Start where you are, wherever that might be. Think your way into being objective in realizing where you are.

Think creatively in originating ideas that will turn your life experience into something that is truly representative of your own beliefs and values.

These are just a few elements to consider and see if they help trigger new light in your never ending pursuit of personal growth. If you work on yourself continually, while incorporating the understanding of these elements, one thing will lead to another and, ironically, you will find that your goals will have already been accomplished.

About the Author
Rohail Bukhari is the creator of HabluFat Blogs. He is a blogger where he helps people become conscious thinking human beings in many different aspects of life. He explains many abstract concepts and uses his perspective to help people understand and apply them in an easy and practical way. To do this, he starts out by helping people who are in a low level emotionally move to a higher level through his free email course.