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Developing Your Normal Higher Self

Be Unique

We all want to do and become the best that we can.


But the only way to do and become the best you can is to strive towards becoming the person you were meant to be!


Well, why not?

  • You’ll be more happy
  • You’ll earn more money
  • You’ll give and receive more love

And because that’s the “normal” way we should want to go about living our lives.

But then again, what is normal?

Normal is only a conception of your own mind.

So pretty much my “normal” isn’t the same as yours. My normal could be hurting other people because that’s what I grew up seeing and it’s what is always happening around me. Your normal could be helping others because you grew up in a happy an healthy community. My normal is unique and so is yours.

But then again, don’t you think the normal way our lifestyle should be lived is in abundance, harmony and peace? I think so.

You are not like anyone else here on this big blue earth. No person on this planet is exactly as you are, even if you have a twin! Your individual collection of experiences is what makes you unique as a human being.

Yet, what do most people do with this inherent uniqueness?  They try to forget it.

  1. They cling to the pack, thinking they need to be like everyone else.
  2. They strive for normality
  3. They want to be similar to everyone else.

On a collective level, we’ve been conditioned to think that these rappers and celebrities are what the real life is all about. Then we end up forgetting about our true nature and core values as humans.

Answer this question:

Have you ever met a 100% normal person? Are you normal? Is there anything unique about you that separates yourself from others?

I believe the title “Normal” isn’t a label worthy of your pursuit. It’s worthless.

I even believe “Abnormal” or “different” aren’t labels you should pursue to brand yourself around, either.

Comparing yourself to others will never help you become your highest self.

What you need to do is compare yourself to yourself.

I think that the point of life is to live your own uniqueness!

By doing this, you’ll be able to connect with people from your own inner strength instead of from a place of fear. You will own yourself, knowing who you are and who you’re meant to be. The judgment of others won’t knock you off course because you would’ve developed great confidence within yourself.

Let’s imagine a scenario.

Two high awareness people can meet for the first time. They can sense the wisdom within each others aura and a few minutes later they’re discussing things like the meaning of life! High awareness people tend to do this very naturally.

Communication between two individuals who understand themselves and their role here on earth is high on content, because it’s as if they’re speaking directly to each other’s soul!

Now let’s imagine when two lower awareness people meet. What usually happens?

Communication between them is shallow and shy. Each person feels awkward to communicate to others their true selves.

Most of the time they aren’t even in touch with their god-like nature because they identify with their egos. And Egoic communication is deep rooted in competition and fear.

So as you consciously strive to become the “normal” person you were meant to be, life becomes much easier!

Generally, life is hard, but your tolerance for handling it grows to the point where it seems to get easier. It’s like you’re stronger, so the weight your lifting feels lighter.

Life isn’t hard when you are in touch with the true source of your being.

To become you’re higher self, take some time to get to know him/her in your imagination. What’s your vision of your higher self?

Do you have bigger muscles? Are you attractive in all aspects? Are you financially independent? Do you fear anymore?

Just allow this vision to inspire you and to guide you. Visualize the type of person you always wanted to be, and then hold that vision until you’ve become its physical embodiment. But you must take action to manifest that vision into your reality.

Do focus on what you do want; what concerns you is the cure.

It’s normal to be you, strive to be unique in your own fashion.

And success will be guaranteed!

About the Author
Donovan Barrett Jr is a young inspirational entrepreneur with a vision to empower the working class citizens to become the master class. He is a poet, loves to play basketball and runs a blog about self-empowerment and internet marketing.