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Do You Play the Blame Game in Life?

Blame Game in Life

Do You Play the Blame Game in Life?

Does everyone around you make your life a living nightmare? Do you hate your job, dislike your marriage, and have more debt than you ever wanted? Life is so unfair sometimes, isn’t it?

…Or is it really life?

If you’re the type of person who often thinks about how bad of a life you have, and the hits just keep coming, it’s likely you play the blame game. The blame game is when you blame everything and everyone around you for what is wrong with your life.

Of course, you can have a million reasons for believing it’s everyone and everything around you that makes life so difficult, but the reason your life is difficult ultimately falls on you. I know it’s not easy to swallow, but bear with me.

Think about your life. YOUR life right now depends on what everyone and everything does to it. You are a victim.

You are continuously hit, and while you believe that you are trying to avoid the abuse, you’re just not able to get away from it. You continue to feel the pain everyone and everything inflicts on you.

What would happen if you said, “I am not going to allow problems in life affect me in a negative way?”

What would happen if you didn’t blame the people around you for the way your life is right now. Does that seem scary? It should. Because if no one is to blame, that means you have nothing to stand on when you try to be inactive in your life.

What Does Inactive in Life Mean?

It means that you don’t want to take control of your life. You don’t want to act on it to make it better.

I know what you are thinking, “But how can I make it better if all these people and unfortunate events keep happening?”

See, that’s the whole thing behind recapturing your life and stopping the blame game. It’s not those people or unfortunate events that are making your life a living nightmare. It’s what you are doing in response to those people and events.

When you let people and events bring you down, they will bring you down.

If you take what someone does to you, and come up with a solution to rectify the damage they’ve done, you then create a life that you want. You no longer have a horrible life because you have decided to see the world differently. You’ve decided to control the outcome of whatever happens to you.

So, stop playing the blame game.

Stop Playing the Blame Game

Your life isn’t unfair and miserable because of your spouse, co-workers, or anyone else in it.

It’s also not horrible because of unfortunate events in your life.

It’s only unsatisfying to you because you haven’t been in control. You have not been driving your own bus. You’ve let YOUR life get abused by the challenges of life, without taking proactive measures to make something different happen.

Haven’t been through enough?

Pick up the pieces and put them together in any way you want. Your life is yours… and only you can make it a good one.

About the Author
Mike Bundrant is the director of the iNLP Center, which offers live and online training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.