Don’t Give Power to Negativity

Don’t Give Power to Negativity

Thoughts and feelings of anger, pain, dissatisfaction, revenge and violence are being constantly released into the earth’s atmosphere.

All of these thoughts and feelings are repeated over and over again, day after day, producing currents of negative emotional and mental energy, which get stronger and stronger, becoming a mighty force, which tends to create similar conditions on the physical plane, bringing more pain and violence into the world.

In order to prevent this from happening, you have to become more aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, and refuse to associate with negative thoughts and feelings.

You affect life on Earth like everyone else. Some, due to their position, profession and activities, might have more effect than others, and some wield a smaller effect.

Your thoughts and emotions affect your workplace, friends, family and place of work, and all the people around you. Are you careful enough with your thoughts and emotions? Do broadcast around you positive or negative vibrations?

When you realize what your thoughts and feelings can do, you will be more careful with them. You will understand that negative thoughts and feelings add to the reservoir of negative energy in the world, and that by thinking positive thoughts, and seeking only positive feelings and emotions, you increase the positive energy on this planet.

When you avoid negative thoughts, you don’t give power to negativity. When you focus on the positive, the positive increases in your life. This should be an important goal in your life, which will improve your life and the life on this planet.

Stop Giving Power to Negativity

  • Always replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
  • Always choose to use positive words.
  • Stay away from negative people.
  • Avoid dwelling on hurts and negative past memories.
  • Refuse to occupy your mind with negative thoughts and feelings.
  • Watch the news and read the newspapers, however do not spend too much time listening, watching, thinking and talking about the negative news. It is better to focus on the positive news.

These suggestions might not be easy to implement, but with persistence you can win.

Remember, thoughts charged with emotions are very powerful, and can affect deeply your mind and the minds of the people around you. For this reason you need to be careful to allow into your mind and heart only positive and happy thoughts and feelings.

What can help you implements the above suggestions? Repeating affirmations and using the power of creative visualization. I have written extensively about these topics in my books, Visualize and Achieve Your Dreams and Affirmations – Words with Power.

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