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Every Problem Has a Limited Life Span

Every Problem Has a Limited Life Span

Everything has a beginning and an end.

Every story has a beginning and an end.

Streets start at a certain point and end at a certain point.

A plant grows up and then withers, and then, from its seeds, another plant grows.

Every mountain has a peak, and every valley has a low point.

Seasons change from autumn to winter and then to spring and summer.

Storms are followed by sunshine.

Life has its ups and downs. One day looks bad, but the other day is great.

This is how life is.

In the same way, problems don’t last forever. In time, most of them go away

They get resolved sooner or later. No matter how difficult things are, if you believe earnestly that they will improve and you do everything in your power to solve them, things will eventually improve.

Every Problem Has a Solution

No matter how difficult a problem is and how unsolvable it looks, there is usually a solution. If no solution is found, one might appear later.

When you face a problem, don’t keep dwelling on it. Cheer up! Sooner or later, the problem will disappear, become irrelevant, or be resolved.

And even if the problem is difficult to solve, dwelling on it won’t help.

Yes, some problems might remain without a solution. In this case, a change of attitude toward it will mitigate it. A change of attitude will relieve, at least to some extent, the stress and discomfort it created.

Remember, every problem has a limited lifespan.

  • Believe that there is a solution.
  • In your mind, visualize your problem as solved.
  • Repeat affirmations affirming that there is a solution and that your problem has been solved, or is in the process of being solved.
  • Believe and acknowledge that problems have a limited time span.