The Significance of Positive Thinking Everyday

Optimistic Thinking

Negative thinking takes a huge toll on our energy. It prevents us from enjoying every moment that life has to offer (good and bad) and from reaching our goals.

We work a job that we really don’t care for, instead of making our vocation a vacation (the act of enjoying what you do for a living). 

I know what this is like because I spent most of my life thinking negatively and had no clue what was wrong with me. 

What was it that made me different than others who were successful and frolicked around happily?

One day I vowed to myself that I would figure it out and I did!  Here it goes and it’s actually kind of simple: The difference is that most successful people are committed to positive thinking!

There it goes! I made it sound simple right?

Successful People Are Committed to Positive Thinking

People who are successful are able to reach their goals by IMMERSING their life around positive thinking and this is done DAILY!!! 

It’s like “brainwashing” yourself to think positively on a daily basis. This habit eventually takes over embedded negative thinking (which is usually somehow related to your childhood or past and should probably be confronted at some point).

You are basically “force feeding” yourself positive information that leads you into OPTIMISTIC THINKING! 

Don’t you notice how negative thinking drains your energy in a way that it steals your motivation to do anything?

Everything feels like a huge task or burden. So it is no wonder why we don’t take the initiative to incorporate positive thinking into our daily routine. If only we did “force” our self to think positively.

Please let me clarify that when I use the terms “brainwash” and “force” I absolutely mean them in a POSITIVE way – it’s like mandating yourself to consume positive information daily.

A miraculous change occurs with our perception of things (especially bad things) when we immerse our self with positive thinking information (books and audio). The things that seemed bad to us before become valuable lessons.

I can’t explain how much more vibrant your thinking becomes and how good it feels to love every day of your life!

As long as we are vigilant to Persuade Yourself into Positive Thinking

Persuade yourself into positive thinking everyday and soon you will change your DNA! 

I am not a doctor, psychiatrist or any profession of that nature. I am just sharing my real life experience with you, because this is something I lived most of my life and was able to overcome on my own.

I hid my turmoil from people in place of a smile, so as not to burden anyone with my issue. It was clear that I had a lot of learning to do about positive thinking. 

In any event, there are tons of free resources available online that provide valuable information pertaining to the topic of this blog post.

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I’m a Passionista for Integrity, Inspiration and Enlightenment. Here at I blog to persuade people into positive thinking every day, engaging them to undo embedded negative thinking.