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Mouni Sadhu Quotes on Concentration, Meditation and Realization

Mouni SadhuMouni Sadhu was an occultist, a spiritual teacher, and author, who lived in the 20th century. He studied and practiced occultism for many years, but after reading Paul Brunton’s book, “A Search in Secret India”, his focus in life changed.

In his book, Paul Brunton described his meeting with the Indian sage Sri Ramana Maharshi. After reading the book, Mouni Sadhu developed a strong interest in the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, which aimed at self-realization.

Mouni Sadhu Quotes- Concentration, Consciousness Meditation

1. “When the mind is transcended, the supermental consciousness steps in of itself.”

2. “Saints and mystics have developed considerable degrees of concentration and ability to exclude the mind’s activities from the field of awareness.”

3. “Although all kinds of mental and emotional vibrations are present around us at all times, men usually respond to those most familiar to them, just as different radio receivers have varying ranges of reception.”

4. “To the Master, the physical world of phenomena is unreal.”

5. “This Self-Consciousness of the Spirit, Atman, God, or Self is the only reality and the only goal that has to be reached.”

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6. “An omnipotent but unknown power lies latent in every one of us.”

7. “Those coming to their Mater may need a shorter or longer time to obtain full spiritual benefit or initiation from him, according to the degree of their inner ripeness and progress.”

8. “There is a sure method that will lead you to the goal: it is the acceptance of the axiom that you and your thinking principle are two, not one.”

9. “The mind is a power, and when controlled and directed, its force and subtlety are apparently unlimited.”

10. “Whoever has made peace in himself thereby possesses power.”

11. “The mind, devoid of its passions, becomes like a well-tamed animal, obedient, useful, more productive and more exact.”

12. “You and your mind, together with all its thinking processes are two, never one.”

13. “If a sage is incarnate, all the powers of the mind are also at his disposal, although he is always reluctant to use them.”

14. “When the mind is stilled there is no desire to think any more. We become free when there are no clouds covering the horizon of our purified consciousness.”

15. “Learn to think, when you are compelled to, or when you meditate or try to solve a complicated problem, without forming words and repeating them in your mind.”

16. “A constant attitude of understanding of every being you encounter on your path is also of great assistance for the purification and stabilization of your meditation.”

17. “The very aim of meditation is firstly subjugation of the mind, so that it can no longer be an obstacle to a clear vision of the Supreme clich?. Secondly, it is the full silencing of that mind, so that consciousness becomes similar to the mirror-like surface of a quiet lake or pool. I can see the real Reflection of Truth in it then, but not otherwise.”

18. “The power that allows us to reach one-pointedness in our mind is called: attention, or interest in a particular subject.”

19. “The world and ourselves are co-related and bound together, until we set ourselves free from all relativity in the world of unique reality – the eternal illimitable Samadhi.”

20. “The true Self will not be discovered, but it will transform you utterly in that Self.”

21. “There are signs which indicate that our meditation is really leading us to samadhi, when we are free from all thought of the body and of the ‘ego’, and when thoughts and feelings are stilled.”

22. “Reality is only that which persists forever and is changeless.”

23. “We should realize that in helping others, we are also helping ourselves.. And by assisting ourselves spiritually, we greatly contribute to the uplifting of our surroundings.”

Mouni Sadhu Quotes

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