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Quotes on Change to Help You Cope with It

Quotes about Change

Everyone goes through various changes in life, some happier and some not so happy. Change is an inevitable part of life.

Change brings freshness, new starts and new opportunities. It teaches, educates, forges the character, and brings new people into your life.

Change becomes a problem if you dread it, but it is a great opportunity if you welcome it.

Not all people welcome change. Many fear it, and prefer to stay away from it, even if they are unhappy about their current life situation.

If you accept and welcome change there will be fewer worries, fears and obstacles in life.

In this post, you will find coping with change quotes, phrases and advice, which I have written. I hope you will find them useful, inspiring and motivating.

Coping with Change Quotes

“People are afraid of change because they fear they might face problems and their life might be more difficult.”

“People avoid change because it requires them to step out of their comfort zone.”

“Doors mean nothing unless you pass through them.”

“If a door opens, take the chance to experience new experiences, live a different life.”

“Change is the beginning of a new life.”

“There is no sense of staying in a bad situation that makes you suffer. Find out what you need to change to get out of this situation, and then take action.”

“What you do not like, you can always try to change. There is always something to do to improve your life.”

“Nothing in the Universe stays the same. There is always change. There is always movement, and you are part of these changes and movements.”

“At any time, at any place, and at any age, you can start doing something, which you have never done before.”

“There are changes that come uninvited, and others, which we expect, want or initiate.”

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“The Internet, the smartphone, and the social media have changed the world completely in just a few years.”

“The world has never changed so fast, in so few years, since the invention of the social media.”

“Everything starts in the mind. If you wish to live a different kind of life, you need first to create it in your mind, think about it often, open your mind and eyes for opportunities, and take action.”

“Get rid of your attachment to the past, and it would be easier to start something new.”

“The past is gone. Dwelling on the past is like tying yourself with chains that prevent you from going forward.”

Empowering Quotes about Change and the Attitude Toward Change

“Do not be afraid of doing mistakes. By doing mistakes and learning from them, you improve your actions and progress through life.”

“Doing things differently and in a new ways, makes life more interesting and satisfying.”

“One always has to make adjustments to avoid conflicts, problems and obstacles. This does not mean giving up. This means wisdom.”

“Expect the good. Expect success. Do this often, until this kind of thinking becomes a habit. Then, you will not be afraid to make changes in your life.”

“Adjusting to change and not fighting it creates a sense of inner peace and confidence.”

“Changing your life, achieving your dreams, traveling abroad, or getting a new job, start with a change of attitude.”

“You cannot always change situations, but you can change your attitude toward them. When build a new attitude, a positive attitude, you become happier and feel free.”

“When you change your attitude of fear and negativity to hope and positivity, new doors will open for you, new opportunities will knock at your door, and people would become more helpful.”

“Each person goes through many changes throughout his or her life. Going to the kindergarten is a change in life. So is starting to go to school and later to college.”

“Getting a job and changing jobs, getting married and moving to a new town, are all major changes in one’s life.”

“To cope with change, think about its benefits and advantages. Do not focus on what you lose, but on what you get.”

“Remember, things can always change for the better. No matter how difficult life might look now, eventually, things would start to change. After going down, there comes a time when you start to go up.”

Quotes about Changing Yourself

“You have the ability to transmute yourself into a better you. Leave the past behind. Leave failure and problems behind you, and focus on creating a better you.”

“The more quickly you adapt yourself to changes the easier they become to handle.”

“Your character and behavior a few years ago are not the same as they are now. The changes might be minor, yet they occur.”

“You can get rid of your negative habits and build new, positive habits. All it requires is a strong desire, persistence, and an open mind.”

“Be curious, find new interests and read. This will widen your horizons, expand your mind, and make you see life form a wider perspective.”

“Become aware of your habits. If you find something that you do not like, start working on building up the opposite habits.”

“In order to grow we have to change. Growth means change. It means leaving the old and embracing the new.”

“Always be on the move with improving yourself. Never stand still. Reject negative habits, build up positive habits, improve your actions, and improve your behavior.”

Quotes about Life Changes

“Strive to enjoy every moment of your life, no matter what you are doing, even when circumstance and situations change. This might be tough, but it is most rewarding.”

“People will always get in and out of your life. This is natural and you need to accept it.”

“Sometimes, changes are inevitable. If you fight them, you suffer. If you flow with them, you will discover new opportunities, new people, and new ideas.”

“Do not be a slave of the past. Move on with life.”

“A ship that throws anchor cannot sail. It has to raise the anchor first, and so it is in your life. To move on, you need to raise your anchor – your attachment to the past.”

“Life today is fast, if you want to be on top you need to adapt yourself to it. You need to act and think differently, and learn new skills.”

“To progress in life, progress in your job, and improve your life, you need to adapt yourself to changing conditions and be brave to embrace the new.”

“To cope with life changes you need an open mind, positive attitude and discipline.”

Positive affirmations and visualization are some of the useful tools to cope with changing conditions. They help you develop a positive attitude and improve conditions.”

“Adjusting yourself to different times and accepting them, would prevent worries and keep your mind peaceful.”

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