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9 First Date Etiquettes that Every Couple Should Follow

First Date Etiquettes

Boy meets girl, some emotions brewed up. Cupid played its part and a few days later, they decided to go on their first date. After a long time taken for pondering, a perfect place is decided for them to spend some quality time with each other.

This well spent time will decide their fate in each other’s lives. Trust me, Cupid is also as much anxious as you two for this date. With Valentine’s Day around, how to play it right, to impress your crush mightily?

As much love will play its major part, there are certain etiquettes that must be followed by the couple in order not to get on the wrong foot. Let’s go through them one by one, so that this first date you are going to have will be nothing but pure magic.

Etiquettes that Every Couple Should Follow

1. Do not Carry Past Baggage

No matter what happened in the past, you have already left it behind and there is absolutely no reason to let it ruin your present and future.

Don’t bring up your ex-s in the conversation unless you want to wreck your first date. Avoid any pitiful conversation that might make the ambience a sad one.

2. Bring a Gift

However small, a gift is a gift. Bring something for your partner that says that you are looking forward to spending the time with them. Something to relay that you have been thinking about them.

If you don’t have time to go to a gift store, order a valentine gift online.

3. Keep Your Hands to Yourself

You may think it will show how much you two are into each other, but girls might take you being a handy person and will repel instantly.

Touch her only if she wants you to, otherwise, just stay calm, and let her get attracted to your personality.

4. Always Offer to Pay

And this goes both ways. There is no written rule that boys only should pay for the first date.

Girls! Come forward and pay that cheque, or if you two have a mutual understanding, split it, but don’t wait up for the other person to pay for it.

5. Speak up

Being a good listener is the key to a good relationship, but don’t let the other one feel like they are talking to a wall.

Don’t try to be the strong and silent type, to the other person you might come off as an emotionally closed up human being.

Listen carefully, but speak up equally or enough to let the other person know who they are dating. Make it a two-way conversation.

6. DO NOT Abuse or Use the F-Word

Do not swear. This is the one not to be taught. It is a general etiquette not to swear before girls or anyone, for that matter.

Swearing just makes you seem like an ill-mannered person and you totally want to avoid that.

7. Do not Show Off

Whether you are a Richie rich or you have created history by developing the highly liked video game, do not show off your achievements. Nobody likes a snob. You should be as subtle as possible.

8. Always Be a Gentleman

Do not go overboard with chivalry, no woman needs it today, but that doesn’t mean you should forget how to behave around women.

Keeping the door open and pulling up chairs is still considered one of the most courteous acts. Show your best table manners and win her over. Don’t forget to be polite all the times.

9. Say no to Offensive Jokes

Sure, you want to make her laugh, but please, very wisely, steer clear of offensive jokes. Any joke that may be sexist or materialistic, keep them away from the conversation.

Keep these pointers in mind and go make them fall in love with you. After all, the day of love is arriving very soon.

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