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The Power of Literature: How Reading Can Transform Your Way of Writing

Power of Literature

Finding the right words to create quality content can be difficult for a writer, especially if they have hit a creative block. However, there are multiple ways you can improve your writing skills, and the best one is by reading.

While practicing your writing skills can help you write better, reading more will improve your vocabulary and the quality of your content. Hence, reading various kinds of literature will inspire you to write creatively.

Continue reading this blog to learn more about how reading can transform the way you write.

How Reading Improves Your Writing

It is undeniable that the more you read, the better you write. Writers must read for pleasure as well as to improve their writing skills. While becoming a writer is a skill gained over time, you must work dedicatedly towards it.

There are a few ways in which you can transform your pleasure reading into a life skill that will enhance your writing game. Here are a few tried and tested tips to make the act of pleasure reading productive and improve your skills.

Boosts Critical Thinking Skills

When you read fiction or nonfiction, ask yourself what makes your reading good. What do you like about this author’s writing style? What is the theme of the book? I hope the book inspires you. How is the author using character development and subtext? Take time to decide who you consider to be good authors and why.

Additionally, think about what makes your favorite books such a great read. By asking these questions, you can critically analyze literature and assess what makes the writing good. Moreover, you will also be able to bring a similar thought process to your writing style.

Opens Doors to Different Writing Styles

Reading books of different genres with different writing styles will help you focus on the stylistic choices and mechanics that make a good writing piece. You must learn to approach different literary works, keeping in mind the author’s writing style to help you find your style.

Improves Comprehension

Comprehension is another great area where reading helps enhance writing. When you read a literary work, you practice comprehending complex terms and information and expressing them in your own words.

Understanding concepts and complex topics is a valuable skill for any writer. It makes your writing easy for your readers to grasp. Hence, take inspiration from good authors and incorporate it into your writing.

Helps to Study Grammar in Context

Reading your favorite books allows you to have the advantage of skipping your grammar lessons. Why? Because you can study grammar without looking at a textbook, it flows organically in novels and short stories.
The best literary works communicate their ideas without grammatical errors. You must also attempt to communicate your unique ideas through your writing. The best way to achieve this is by having a working knowledge of English grammar.

Tip: When you are reading a work of fiction or nonfiction, note how the authors are tackling grammar questions that you were struggling with. Hence, closely study the way they use grammar conventions and save yourself the time to revisit your high-school grammar textbook.

Expands Your Vocabulary

While there is no hard-end rule that you must take notes while reading, the practice will magically improve your writing. The reason is that you will learn new phrases and words that are creatively masterful and can incorporate the same in your writing.

Tip: Make it a habit to underline or highlight any new words or phrases you learn while reading and note them down. Keeping a diary for these new phrases will help you remember more. Memorize them in your next writing project to show off your vocabulary skills.

Inspires New and Creative Ideas

Reading becomes most productive if you make it a part of your daily routine. Making it a part of your daily routine will expose you to new techniques and ideas. Moreover, it will also recharge your creative juices and keep creative blocks at bay.

Tip from established authors: Take time from your busy schedule and dedicate it to reading. A consistent reading habit will inspire you, and you can channel your newfound inspiration into a new piece of writing.

Effective Tips to Improve Your Writing by Reading

A popular notion says you must always compete with people more skilled than you. This pushes your limits and raises you to a high level of competency.

Along the same lines, reading material from established authors will challenge you to write better. Here are some tips to strengthen your writing:

Read Enthusiastically

Writers shape other writers. The reading choices we made as children greatly influenced our reading taste and impacted our writing style.

These authors act as unofficial mentors. By reading their material closely, enthusiastic readers can learn the art of writing from the world’s best authors.

Read with a Purpose

Don’t always read for pleasure. Sometimes, we should pay close attention to how authors tackle different topics. Furthermore, see how they craft compelling sentences, structure their content, and handle dialogue effectively.

Additionally, writers can seek help from expert writing services like Ivory Research writing service. These writing services offer extensive sample papers, articles, and other reading material based on your niche to help you master the art of writing.

Takes Notes

Taking notes is the best way to read with intense focus. This means that you must approach reading from a critical perspective instead of reading for pleasure.

Instead of getting lost in your imagination when you read for fun, note-taking offers you a critical perspective. You are likely to pay close attention to plot details and dissect them.


  • While taking down notes, highlight passages that resonate with you.
  • Note down metaphors and new phrases with their meanings and usages.
  • Note down overused cliches and descriptive writing.
  • Make a note of transition words.

Understand What Other Authors Do Best

Other authors can help you learn valuable lessons in the art. While J.K. Rowling can help you craft imaginative worlds, Dan Brown will intellectually challenge you and increase your vocabulary.

Hence, reading (or re-reading) your favorite authors’ works will indefinitely increase your writing skills.

Read More, Write Better

While you can still be a good writer without reading vast oceans of literary work, it is an undeniable fact that reading boosts writing skills. Reading can help you in multiple ways.

It helps improve your grammar, expand your vocabulary, and allow you to understand how to convey information. Moreover, reading improves your writing technique and helps you write better. Just remember to read different materials and enjoy the process.