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Manifesting Success with Success Consciousness

Manifesting Success

What is Success Consciousness?

Here are a few definitions:

  • It is a state of mind that expects success and regards it as a fact. A person with this state of mind focuses on positive results and does not accept the thought of failure.
  • In this state of mind, the focus is on success. You feel it, are sure of it, and see no other option.
  • It is a positive and optimistic state of mind.
  • This is the frame of mind that can manifest your desires.

With this frame of mind, there are no contradictory thoughts in your mind, and therefore, your chances of creating success are greater.

Focusing your mind on success and filling your consciousness and awareness with the feeling of success makes good things happen.

When the certainty of success is saturated into your consciousness, into your mind, your mind becomes a powerful tool for success.

How to Attract Success?

Do you want a new job?
In your mind, see yourself at your new job, and at the same time, feel the certainty that you already have this job.

Do you want to find love?
Visualize yourself being loved while awakening feelings of love.

Do you want to go on a vacation?
Visualize yourself already enjoying your vacation.

Do you want to get a promotion at your job or earn more money?
Visualize this as a fact and feel it to be true.

Do you want a new car or a new house?
See yourself driving the car or living in the new house and loving it.

If you want to achieve something, you should have no doubts about it. You should focus your consciousness and awareness on success and be sure that you will accomplish or get what you want.

You cannot attain success if you focus on doubts, disbelief, and failure.

You Can Manifest Your Thoughts

Is it possible to attract the things you want with a success consciousness mindset? Yes, that’s possible.

You need to be careful of your thoughts and associated feelings. They might come true!

This means that you need to be careful to think and imagine what you really want, not what you don’t want, not what you want to avoid, and not what you are afraid of.

Sometimes, even when you don’t plan or intend to get a particular object or create a certain situation, your thoughts might come true if you keep thinking about the object or situation.

How We Manifested a TV with a Big Screen

Years ago, we had a twenty-one inch TV at home and were happy with it. This was the standard TV size at that time.

Some of our friends had large TV screens, but we did not plan to buy one in the near future. One of the reasons for not buying such a TV was the price. It was too expensive.

Even though we did not plan to buy a TV with a big screen, we liked the idea of owning one and enjoyed thinking and imagining such a TV standing in our living room.

We really enjoyed daydreaming about it.

Some time later, while on an excursion with our children, we entered a shopping mall in a town away from our home.

We saw a TV with a large screen at a bargain price in one of the shops. We did not intend to buy a new TV, as I said, but we liked that TV set and started thinking that maybe it was about time to have a big screen.

We did not buy the TV at that moment, because we decided to check if the same kind of TV set was being sold in our town.

The next day, I went to an electric appliances store, and to my amazement, I found there the same TV selling for a cheaper price. A few days later, this TV was in our living room.

Yes, we bought this TV; we did not get it as a present or got it out of the blue. But we got it in a most unusual way and at a bargain price.

You might wish you had a particular job, possess a house of your own, travel abroad, lose weight, or anything else. If you feel successful and have no contradictory thoughts in your mind, and if you feel positive about it, you might get what you thought about sooner or later.

What you imagine in your mind can become true in your life. You can manifest the things you want.

How to Manifest Positive Results with Success Consciousness

Whatever you desire to bring about, try to feel as if you already own it and that it has already happened.

You will find it easier to do so if you re-live the happiness you experienced when you realized an ambition or goal in the past and transfer this happiness and the feeling of achievement into the present moment.

Your mind might resist you, telling you this is impossible.

This is a hurdle you need to overcome, which requires persistence and trying repeatedly.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Start with small goals that are within your reach.
  • Feel that you have accomplished your goal.
  • Enjoy the feeling that you already have what you want.
  • Don’t allow negative thoughts to enter your mind; if they do, immediately replace them with opposite thoughts.

Success Consciousness Is The Attitude that Attracts Success

Success consciousness can trigger the law of attraction into action.

  • An attitude of success consciousness can make many goals possible.
  • This mental frame of mind turns dreams into reality.
  • With this kind of awareness, doubts fade away, and certainty and confidence fill the mind.
  • When this frame of mind exists in you, things start happening in your life
  • This attitude can help you manifest the things you want.

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