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12 Steps to Manifest Something You Want

Manifest Something You Want

Do you wonder how to manifest something – anything – you want?

You read about manifesting, and you read about people, who succeeded to get the things they wanted, and you wonder how you too, can manifest something you want.

Why some people succeed with manifesting and others don’t?

Very simple. Most people are not familiar with the steps they need to follow, in order to manifest love, money, a job, a house, or anything else.

What are the steps required to manifest anything you want? How do you go about manifesting your dreams? Continue reading to find out.

Steps to Manifest Something You Want

1. Be Clear About Your Goal and Intention

If you don’t know exactly what it is that you want, you cannot actually take steps to get it. To manifest something, you must know exactly what you want.

Devote some time to think about what you really want. You need to be sure you want it, otherwise, you might get something you don’t want.

Get clear details of what you want. If it is a car, what model, what color, how much horse-power, new or second hand, etc.

If you decide about something, and then change your mind afterwards, that’s okay. Don’t get stuck with the something you stopped desiring, since this kind of thinking can prevent the law of attraction from working.

2. Do not Choose too Many Goals

If you choose too many goals, you scatter your energy, and do not focus enough on each goal. Choosing one, or just a few goals at a time, increase the energy you direct to each goal, and this way, you can get faster results.

3. Use Your Common Sense

You can manifest almost anything you want, but there might be limits, at least for the time being.

Don’t start with something far beyond your current situation, since this might take too much time to accomplish, and you might get stop believing you can get it.

Try first, to manifest things that are within your reach.

To do so, use your common sense.

For example, if you don’t have a job, start focusing on getting a good paying job. If you wish to be the boss, this can come later, after you get the job and make progress.

4. Ask the Universe for What You Want

The Universe is an Omnipotent power, capable of doing anything.

Ask the universe for what you want, and be clear about what you want to manifest.

Choose one or more of the following options:

  • You can ask the Universe by stating your wish audibly or silently, several times a day.
  • You can write down what you want, many times a day.
  • Repeat affirmations.
  • Visualize what you want, meaning, imagining in your mind what you want to manifest.
  • You can create a vision board.
  • Another option is to write a letter to the Universe, stating what you want, and read this letter every day.
  • Ask the Universe several times a day, for a few minutes each time.

When the universe knows what you want to manifest, it can help you.

5. Work toward Your Goals

Your chances of getting results increases, when you co-operate with the Universe.

Working toward your goals and doing things that will get you there, speed up the process and increase your prospects of receiving what you want.

Don’t just wait passively for things to happen.

Write 5 actions that will take you closer to achieving your goals. This could be getting some knowledge or expertise, developing a new skill or a new habit, or making some changes in your life.

If for example, if you want to live in a foreign country, start learning its language, geography, and the habits of the people living there.

6. Trust and Believe the Process

As you work toward your goal, you might start having doubts if the process is not working.

You might get discouraged and frustrated, and start losing your belief.

When you question manifestation and the law of attraction, you are telling the Universe and your subconscious mind that you don’t believe in their power to help you.

To manifest something that you want, you have to trust the process.

Any time you catch yourself doubting and having negative thoughts, tell yourself, “Manifestation is working for me, even if I am unaware of this. Every day, I am getting closer to achieving my goals. The Universe is aware of what I want, and it is attracting it into my life.”

7. Keep an Open Mind

You need to keep an open mind, so you can recognize opportunities. Sometimes a door opens, but we might miss seeing it.

The universe opens a door, but it’s easy to miss recognizing it. This can happen, if close your mind and expect opportunity to come through just one channel.

Opportunities can appear in various ways and through various channels.

You need to keep your mind open, as things can happen in unexpected ways, and through unexpected channels. Don’t close your mind, expecting things to manifest in just one a certain way.

Sometimes, little things can happen, one leading to another, until you get your goal achieved. If you miss the signs, or disregard them, you might not get what you want.

If you want to manifest a house, you might get a better paying job, or get a loan with very low interest. You might get good payment terms, make a good investment, or the money might appear in various unexpected ways.

Be aware of your limiting beliefs and thoughts. Do not let them get the upper hand.

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8. Stay Positive

A positive and happy frame of mind produces positive vibrations that helps the law of attraction manifest itself. A negative and unhappy frame of mind is repellent, pushing away from you the things you want.

Joy and positivity raise your vibration, both mental and emotional vibrations, and strengthen the attracting power of your thoughts. Make your positive vibration high, and good things will start happening.

To raise your positive vibrations, strive to keep your mind in a positive mood. to do so:

  • Seek the company of positive and happy people.
  • Read inspiring quotes each morning and each evening.
  • Watch comedies on TV or funny YouTube videos.
  • Look at bright side of whatever is happening to you.

Remember, a negative state of mind will create more negativity and unhappiness. A positive state of mind, will attract positive and happy situations. Staying positive is the best way to ensure that good things will come into your life.

9. Expectant Mood

Expect that good things are going to happen. In your mind’s eye see your goal as already achieved. This is one of the most important steps to making the things you want appear in your life.

This is one of the most important actions to manifest something in your life.

10. Use Your Imagination

Your imagination is a powerful tool. Both the subconscious mind and the Universe respond to the mental images and scenarios that you create in your mind.

Build a mental scene of what you want and focus on it every day. This is creative visualization, the technique that triggers the law of attraction into working for you.

11. Clear Doubts and Inner Resistance

If you are not manifesting what you want, there might be doubts lurking in your mind about the manifesting process.

There might be some resistance in your mind to improve your life and achieve goals due to:

  • Lack of self-esteem.
  • Feeling that you do not deserve to be successful.
  • Unconsciously, you might be resisting what the universe has to offer. Doubts, procrastination, frustrations, stress, fears, or anger might raise within you, all resisting the flow of the creative energy of the Universe.

Don’t get angry at yourself if this happens.

  1. When you notice the fears, doubts and resistance within you, remind yourself to take a few deep breathes and to relax.
  2. Repeat a few times in your mind something like, “I acknowledge how I feel now, but I can change how I feel. It is normal to feel these negative thoughts, but I am overcoming them now.”
  3. Remind yourself that all these are just thoughts and feelings. With a little detachment, you can free yourself from them.

12. Get out of Your Comfort Zone and and Be Proactive

It is convenient just to daydream and stay passive. However, to get results you need to be willing to step out of your comfort zone, seize opportunities and be proactive.

How to Manifest Something – The Concise Steps

You are now closer to manifesting what you want. In this short article we have covered some of the important steps to manifesting. Here is a short reminder:

1. Be clear about your goal and intention.

2. Do not choose too many goals.

3. Use your common sense.

4. Ask the universe for what you want.

5. Work toward your goals.

6. Trust and believe the process.

7. Keep an open mind.

8. Stay positive.

9. Expectant mood.

10. Use your imagination.

11. Clear doubts and inner resistance.

This is the way of turning your dreams into reality, manifesting money and love, manifesting your desires, and making your dreams coming true.

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