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Success Definition – What Are the Definitions of Success?

Success Definition

What is the definition of success?

How would you define success?

This word means many things. It manifests in various forms and various situations.

Everyone desires success in one form or another. Some just daydream about it, while others do something to achieve it.

What is Success for you? What does success mean to you?

Actually, it has many definitions.

There is more than one success definition since this term covers many topics.

It has different meanings to different people.

Success Definition

Let’s define success:

  1. It is the favorable outcome of an action.
  2. It is growth, development, improvement, and getting better.
  3. This word means the achievement of what you have set out to do.
  4. It means getting good grades at school.
  5. Success means passing your driving test and getting a driver’s license.
  6. Success means getting the job you wanted.
  7. The result of promotion at work.
  8. It means getting accepted to college.
  9. It is having lots of money and being rich.
  10. You feel it when someone you love tells you they love you too.
  11. It is the pleasant and powerful feeling of achievement.
  12. You experience it when you win or earn a large sum of money.
  13. You experience it when you see your garden and plants blooming.
  14. It is the good feeling and happiness you experience after meditation.
  15. The achievement of inner peace and getting rid of stress.
  16. It is the feeling of triumph you experience when you fix a broken instrument with your own hands.
  17. Success means shedding a few surplus pounds from your weight.
  18. It is something you experience and enjoy when you see your business prospering.
  19. If you wish to become famous and do it, it means success.
  20. You accomplish success when you achieve your dreams and goals.
  21. It is the result of getting or achieving wealth, respect or fame.

It is all these things and many more.

Did I miss something on this list? This is possible since this word can mean different things to different people.

Success Means Peaceful and Happy

Everyone Aspires to Achieve Success

You can enjoy success in the small daily tasks, and you can also find it in outstanding achievements.

Some people seek success in money and material possessions, while others seek it in inner peace and self-improvement.

Almost everyone wants to be a successful person in their area of life. Some seek great success and are willing to work hard, while others have smaller ambitions.

What does success mean to you? Do you expect it? Do you believe you can attain it, and what do you plan to do to enjoy it?

These are questions you need to answer. Dreams are great, but they remain as dreams unless you make plans to achieve them.

Remember, success is not only achieving something spectacular. It also manifests in the small affairs of daily life.

You can enjoy it many times, every day, in various situations.

You can wish to gain a large sum of money, become the owner of a successful firm, become a successful and famous actor, singer or writer, a great inventor, senator, president, or prime minister. This is possible.

Your goal might be gaining success in mental or spiritual matters, such as meditation, psychic powers, or mind power. You also might wish to gain peace of mind and spiritual awakening.

Some people desire a carefree life, health, love, and happiness. Others want a good job with good pay to enable them to live comfortably.

Whatever your goal is, you need a few inner qualities and powers to achieve goals, win, and prosper. Here they are:

  • The ability to state exactly what you want to achieve
  • A strong desire
  • Visualization
  • Concentration
  • Willpower
  • Self discipline
  • Persistence

Focus on your goal, add the ingredients mentioned above, and voila! You manifested your desire!

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