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What Makes Successful People Successful? The 5 Common Traits


What makes successful people successful? What are the common traits?

When it comes to living a successful life, everyone seems to want a piece of it. Nobody wants to live a mediocre life, everyone wants to be successful.

Unfortunately, those who have truly accomplished remarkable results in life are rare. And this is what makes being successful something even more precious.

If you want to be successful, no matter whether it is in your career, in your business, investment, financially, spiritually or in as a family member, you must first make the decision that you want it.

Most people are not committed and they did not dare to make the decision to strive for what they want in life.

Success will come to you only when you are fully committed and decided that you will go for it no matter what.

So what makes successful people successful? What do they do differently than ordinary people that lead them to live an amazing life?

5 Common Traits that Separate the Extraordinary from the Normal

1. Successful People Have Big Dreams

Yes, I know you have heard this at least a million times. However, I just wanted to remind you once more, successful people dream big.

Most people who are not living their dreams because they do not dare to dream big. In fact, most people dream small. They aim for paying the bills, they just want to get by, they just want to be happy, etc, etc.

When you aim for the stars, you will at least hit the moon. Sadly, most people are not even aiming for the ceiling, no wonder why they are not producing remarkable results in life.

If you are serious about living a successful life, the first step you need to do is to get yourself out of ordinary and get into the extraordinary. And the only way to do this is to start by thinking big.

You have to start from your thought. Your thinking will shape your life. If you think about success all the time, you will achieve it. However, if you think about failure and defeat all the time, you will live in mediocrity. You will live your thoughts.

2. Successful People Are Always On The Move

Do know that besides thinking big, successful people are also always on the move? They are proactive people who go and make things happen rather than waiting for things to happen.

You have to be the same. Take action and make your dreams a reality. A lot of people want to be successful but they are not willing to take the action to make their dreams come true.

They will tell you that they want to be rich, they want to build a successful business, they want to own the big house and drive the luxury car, but they are not willing to work hard on their goals.

Never let that happen to you. We all know that it is not easy to live an extraordinary life, but that is what separates the successful from the normal.

So commit to taking at least 5 small actions that will move you toward your goals each day. If you can take only 5 small actions a day, within a year, you will be achieving 1825 small victories.

And this will definitely bring you result you want. Success requires consistency. So be consistent and take action every day.

3. Successful People Will Never Give Up

When you study successful people who have created amazing result in life, people such as Walt Disney, Colonel Sanders, Richard Branson, Michael Jordan, Jack Ma, etc, you will see that they simply refuse to quit.

The journey to success is tough and you will go through a lot of failures and setbacks. However, never let them get you down.

You need to have the confidence to move on and to turn failures into learning lessons.

Walt Disney has been fired by a newspaper editor saying that he has no creative imagination, but Disney never gave up and continued on to pursue his dreams. This is how we have Disneyland today.

When Jack Ma started Alibaba, nobody believed that he can succeed and everyone said that he was crazy and refuse to venture along with him. And because he never gave up, he went to build one of the biggest e-commerce websites in the world.

The same goes for Michael Jordan and the rest. Michael Jordan was not born with outstanding basketball skill; he trained himself to be talented with it!

Great people will never quit and they will never give up on their dreams. They will hold on and continue to work hard even when every other people tell them it is impossible.

4. Successful People Always Expect Positive Things

After reading success stories from great people around the world, I found that successful people are always positive and they expect positive things to happen in the future.

Think about it, do you think Steve Jobs will go on and launched iPhone or iPad if he did not have any confidence that his products can sell?

Do you think Richard Branson will start an airline if he is always negative and thinks that the market and the economy are bad?

Of course not, they expect that their business and their services can sell and they have high confident with what they do. This is what makes them go on and put in extraordinary effort into their business.

You have to be the same. Always think positive and always expect the best. It does not matter even if you are not successful right now, what matters most is where you would want to go and are you willing to work for it.

5. Successful People Believe In Their Dreams

Do you believe in yourself and your dreams? If you don’t believe in your dreams, who else would?

It is your dream and you have to protect it. Never let anyone says that it is impossible or it cannot be done. The Wright Brothers invented the airplanes when people told them that it was impossible.

Arnold Schwarzenegger works hard and ended up being a movie star when people told him that it was not possible for him to act because his body was too big and his name was difficult to pronounce. Can you imagine that?

You have to believe in your dreams and yourself. You have to trust that somehow things will work out for you. And you must always prepare yourself and work on your dreams.


Always dream big, take consistent action, never give up, think positively and most importantly, believe in yourself and your dreams.

If you are serious about achieving outstanding success in life, read, study and learn from successful people. Learn from both their failures and their successes.

Do what they do that make them successful and avoid making the same mistakes they have made. Take massive action and never quit until you reached your goals.

So do you know what you need to do to be successful right now?

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