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The Importance of the Habit of Self-Discipline for Working Out and Success

Habit of Self-Discipline

Yesterday, my daughter had to go to work earlier than usual, and since the gym where I work out is not far from her office, I decided to take her to work and then go to the gym.

At a very early hour, the gym was already full of men and women of all ages working out and exercising. I usually do not go to the gym at this early hour, and I was surprised to see so many people.

I discovered that many people go to the gym to exercise before going to work.

Some go to the gym to lose weight, others to shape their body, and many like to pump iron and build their muscles.

I know how tough it is for most people to start exercising.

Most people know it is healthy and good for their body, but they are too lazy to go to the gym, especially in the morning. They prefer to spend an extra hour in bed before starting their day.

In the afternoon, they are too tired after work and prefer to stay home or meet friends.

You need a good dose of self-discipline to go to the gym and to continue going, despite laziness and the inclination to procrastinate.

It is the same in all areas of life. It is the same when you need to run a task, carry out a decision, or achieve a dream. There are laziness, procrastination, and many excuses why it is not the right time.

Doing things requires effort, and often, we want to avoid this effort, even when we know that we would gain much by doing what we are trying to avoid.

Working Out and Discipline

Returning to the topic of the gym, when you first start working out, it is too difficult, and you might look for excuses not to work out. However, if you insist on going to the gym and exercising, you will start to like it after a while.

This usually happens after gaining results, losing weight, or your body getting into a better shape. This often awakens a strong motivation to continue.

Looking around you at the gym, you see people with shaped bodies and muscles. They did not get them by sitting on the couch watching TV. They got them because they had the self-discipline to go to the gym almost every day and work out.

Applying self-discipline to working out develops the habit of discipline, a habit that you would be able to use in all other areas of life.

This habit is crucial to success in all areas of life, not only for working out.

It’s the habit that gives you inner strength and control over your life.

The Habit of Discipline is a Requirement for Success

The habit of discipline works the same in every other area of life, when studying a foreign language, developing a new skill or a new habit, and when focusing on achieving dreams.

It is tough at first, and you might not have enough motivation. However, with a little bit of self-discipline and perseverance you can overcome all obstacles. When you start to see results, everything becomes easier, because you your motivation and desire begin to grow.

Every achievement, small or big, needs self-discipline and the ability to continue, despite obstacles, failure or difficulties.

Achieving success requires that you leave your comfort zone, laziness, and the tendency to procrastinate. This requires some inner strength, which you can develop, even if you lack it now.

Successful men and women possess the habit of discipline. Without this habit, you will not be able to control your behavior, avoid temptations and focus on a task until you complete it.

Every achievement requires long, sustained periods of focused effort on your goal. You need determination to persevere until you complete it.

As you see, you need a certain degree of self-discipline to get started. Fortunately, self-discipline is not difficult to develop. I have written many articles about this topic, and also a book with advice, instruction and simple, but effective exercises.

“Do the thing you fear to do and keep on doing it… that is the quickest and surest way ever yet discovered to conquer fear.” – Dale Carnegie

You can easily develop the habit of self-discipline by practicing suitable exercises.

However, if you want to gain more power and have more control of your life and habits, increase your chances of success, and live your life as you want, I recommend that you read the book Strengthen Your Willpower and Self Discipline.