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Why It Is Difficult to Wake Up Early and a Few Solutions

Waking Up

Do you find it difficult to wake up early in the morning?

Do you set an alarm clock at a certain hour, and when it rings, you either don’t hear it, or just stop it ringing and continue to sleep?

This happens to a lot of people, and is not a matter of laziness as you might think.

There several causes for getting up late. Knowing the reasons, can help you solve the issue.

Reasons for Waking Up Late and the Solutions

Going to sleep late

This is one of the main reasons for waking up late. You just don’t have enough hours of sleep. There are too many distractions, the TV, computers, phones, or going out late and returning late.

The solution

Go to sleep earlier. If getting up early is important to you, you have no choice but to give something in exchange. Don’t watch TV until late, sit in front of your computer, or chat on the phone until a late hour at night, and then go to sleep exhausted.

When returning home late at night from a movie, the theater, pub, or meeting friends, head straight to bed, without TV, speaking on the phone or doing anything else.

Exhaustion and lack of enough energy

Exhaustion and lack of enough energy can make it hard to wake up and get up early. This happens, if you work too hard for too long hours and don’t get any exercise. In this situation, the body craves for sleep.

The solution

Find ways to reduce your work load. Try to stop working several times a day for 5-10 minutes and take a walk outside. This will relax your body and give some fresh air. Also, exercise your body a few times a week, but not before going to sleep.

Don’t go to bed only after you are fully exhausted. Going to bed when you are too tired, could sometimes, make it difficult to fall asleep, and when you do, you might wake up late.

Not using an alarm clock

You might be unable to use an alarm clock because you are not alone in the bedroom. You don’t want the sound of the alarm clock to wake or disturb your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, children, or anyone else sleeping in the same room with you.

The solution
You will either need to find an alarm clock with a very soft sound and put it very close you, or follow the next solution.

The habit of sleeping until late

It is possible that getting late has turned into a habit, and therefore, it is not easy to wake up early.

The solution

You need to change this habit. It won’t change by itself, and it won’t change just because you wish to change it. You need to do some work to change it.

1) Write down on a piece of paper that you intend to wake up early each morning, and put it where you can see it often during the day.

2) Remember several times a day, to devote a few minutes to thinking about the advantages and benefits of waking up early.

3) Several times a day, for a few moments, visualize yourself waking up early, at the hour you want. Visualize yourself, looking at the clock to see the time, and then getting out of bed.

4) When in bed at night, don’t watch TV, but you may read a few pages, if you like reading in bed. Afterwards, switch off the light, and go to sleep with the thought that you are going to wake up and get up from bed at the appointed hour.

Do this every day, until it becomes a habit to wake up early.